When Guys Branch Out: Jockstraps

It was a lazy Saturday morning when I found myself sucked into video after video on YouTube. I eventually ended up clicking on a BuzzFeed video where some "brave" men try jocks for a day. It got quite a response out of me, so I figured I should share my response with the world. Watch the video and then read my play-by-play.

Let's break this video down...

First we see the guys reactions when they see a fashion jockstrap. It looked as if they had never seen one in their life, and two of the three seemed uncomfortable just by looking at it. What's leading to this uncomfortable feeling? I think Gadiel sums it up best when he says, "I don't see myself as a sexy person".

Gadiel doesn't see himself as sexy...a common theme among men and one that keeps them from trying "sexy" underwear.

It's clear that these guys are not fully comfortable with themselves, which leads to the rather juvenile reactions to seeing and trying on a jockstrap. From putting it on their head, to not being able to walk like they normally do, these guys are certainly putting on a show for the camera. The lack of confidence within themselves is clear, and a struggle shared by many men.

Mike decides to act like a toddler when seeing a jockstrap.

We get a break from the child-like behavior when the handsome Eduardo becomes the voice of reason and while walking around town and admits it actually feels really nice. However, the childish responses return when Mike reveals his jockstrap to his girlfriend who can't do anything but laugh and "shield" someone in the other room from what has been unleashed on her eyes. I can only hope that Mike later found a better girlfriend.

Perfect reason why so many men don't branch out to "sexy" underwear...unsupportive partners.

Back to Eduardo, who gives us a post-workout confession about how self-conscious he felt changing at the gym while wearing a jockstrap. And how "fucked" he thinks it is that he would judge others at the gym for wearing a jock. He has apparently "seen the light" and encourages everyone to wear whatever they want. Great sentiment, but am I THAT old that a jock for the gym would not be acceptable? That was required gym clothing when I was a teen. Are men truly THAT self-conscious about wearing jocks to the gym?

Eduardo ends up offering the deepest insight of the group.

The video wraps up with all three guys surprisingly admitting they enjoyed the jockstrap. Both Mike and Eduardo mention needing to have confidence to wear them and it appears that our video guys may not have had that confidence.

Overall, the antics in the video got on my nerves. I know it was their job to make the video entertaining so of course they had to play it up for the camera, but I see those same reactions in everyday life from men. Thankfully, at least Eduardo has found some confidence to be a bit daring, based on the occasional speedo photos on his Instagram.

The video does provide a few good life lessons. The first, is that you should wear whatever you want for underwear, but it does take confidence. We also learn that when you step outside of your underwear comfort zone, you may actually find something you like.

It is guys like the ones in the video who continue to motivate me to do what I do. Admittedly, most of you reading this are already undies enthusiasts, but I will continue to do my best to spread the word about good underwear and hope that message continues to spread!

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