What's Your Fetish?

Fresh off of Folsom (no, sadly I didn't attend), my mind is thinking of the beautiful variety of fetish gear. For most, fetishes are usually deep, dark secrets that people rarely speak of. This despite pretty much all of us having them. I love events that help spotlight this natural, human occurrence and I love gear that celebrates it as well. Since many of you are gear-curious when it comes to fetish wear, let's dip our feet into the fetish pool together for a few minutes.


Ahh leather. One of the most popular types of fetish gear, especially for gay men. It certainly was one of my earliest forms of fetish gear. From major leather events like IML, MAL, and CLAW, to gear nights at bars, it's a staple in the gay community. Through the years, I have met a lot of guys who are curious about leather, but not sure where to begin. I reached out to my buddy (and Mr. Michigan Leather 2019) Will, for some tips. His advice is to purchase from a vendor mart at a leather event. You'll get to experience multiple purveyors in one spot and try a variety of things on to get a good idea of your size and the fits you like. For online purchases, he recommends Northbound Leather (check them out in person if ever in Toronto) or Mr. S Leather (check them out in San Francisco).


Rubber isn't my area of expertise, but my interest has certainly been piqued. If you didn't read my recent Rubber 101 interview, you should check it out. Lots of great tips for getting started and where to purchase items. I have a feeling I'll be in rubber within the next year.


Step right up to my comfort zone! Spandex has always had a special place in my heart. Whether it's thongs, shorts, tights, singlets, or anything else. There's no feeling to me quite like that feeling of tight gear compressing just a bit against my body. Beyond the feel, there's the look...the tight look that shows off a mans body, just can't be beat. There are a ton of places for great spandex,but one of my recent favorites has become Skinfit Mexico. They have a bit of everything and you can customize your colors to get exactly the right look. I have also always had great luck with Arroyman and they usually have some sort of sale if you purchase a certain minimum...great incentive to stock up on gear!


Lace has been growing in popularity for guys in recent years. I'm far from an expert, but have dabbled some. While I can't speak for all, I find it empowering to take something that has been deemed as "feminine" by society and having a man rock it. If you want to dabble in it, check out some of the items from PetitQ. My friends over at UNB Store have a nice inventory of lace items as well.

Those are just a few of the most common types of fetish gear. Again, this was just to help some of you begin to dip your feet into the fetish gear pool. If you've been wanting to try some and you're not sure where to begin, I hope this article has helped. The most important thing is to embrace what you like and enjoy it! Happy Shopping!

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