Rubber 101

There is more gear than just underwear. This week I thought it would be fun for us to explore the world of rubber together. Because this is not my area of expertise, I reached out to a more experienced rubber pro, Kodi aka rbrlver, for some insight into this gear fetish. Read on to learn more about his rubber fetish began and some tips on where to pick up great rubber gear.

How did your interest in rubber begin?

It all started with a pair of rubber rain boots I had when I was a kid. I loved how smooth and shiny and squeaky they were. Years later, long after I out grew my rubber rain boots, I found sores like recon and saw guys fully covered in the same skintight, shiny, and smooth material I was drawn to since I was young. I immediately got turned on by it.

Tell me about your first experience with rubber. Did someone help guide you or did you learn on your own?

My first experience was actually when I bought a cheap pair of rubber briefs from the local sex shop. There was not much selection and this was the only rubber item they carried for men back then. I had no idea how to put them on and ripped half my body hair trying to get them on. Needless to say, they tore after two or three wears. It is not till later that I found out silicone lube is your best friend when putting on rubber gear. 

3. What is the biggest piece of advice you would tell someone who is curious to try rubber?

Just try it!  be patient and always use silicone lube. Rubber is quite expensive. Try it, even if it is something small. Don’t go buying a full catsuit unless you know you love it. Be patient while getting in your rubber gear. Rubber stretches, but like any rubber band or balloon, it will break is over stretched or punctured with any sharp objects. Also, always use silicone lube. A thin layer of lube on the inside of your rubber gear will make it a lot easier to slide in and out of it, and will enhance the feeling of rubber touch on your skin.

4. Rubber is an investment. What pieces do you suggest for a beginner?

Rubber is like any other fabric and you can make it find any clothing item made in rubber. l recommend starting with briefs, shorts or a tank to first find out if rubber does anything for you. Different people like it for different reasons. The touch and feel, the look, the smell, etc...  if you decide you like the feeling of it go for a surfsuit or a catsuit with easy to reach zippers. 

5. Which brands/stores do you like best for rubber and why?

Oh so many! If you want high quality:

Invincible rubber - great quality and customer service.

Skintightrubber (STR) - Always reliable, awesome designs and high quality. 

Regulation london - great for basics. Sizes sometimes are a bit off

E7 rubber

Polymorphe - great designs in cool colors 

For a cheaper alternatives:

Latexcatfish - expect at least a few months to half a year wait. But very affordable and ok quality for the price 

KinkOn- they use a thinner grade if rubber as default (0.2 mm instead of 0.4mm) which makes it more delicate and easier to tear)

6. Final word on rubber?

Just give it a shot and try some. Rubber is very flattering on guys if all shapes and sizes! Unlike spandex, it helps redistribute your body and improve your proportions. If you have a friend that has some in your size ask if you can try some on. Most physical stores will let you try some on, or if you are in the Bay Area in California, I have plenty in all sizes. Enjoy it and have fun in it!

A big thanks to Kodi for educating us on Rubber. If you want to learn more about him, check out his Instagram.

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