Manthong Revolution: Cheap But Good

Wow! It has been nearly three months since I last reviewed a thong! For that, I apologize. This week I want to introduce you to a new thong in my collection that is cheap, but good.

The Amazon listing calls this the Azcode Mens T-Back thong, but the label on the thong itself says Yu Ai Tian Shi. No matter what brand this is, one thing I know is that it is a fun thong to add to your collection.

The fabric is a Nylon/Spandex mix and has a bit of a satin look to it. The fabric is smooth and surprisingly nice for a thong for under ten dollars. I really love the bulge pouch on this thong. It is roomy enough for my package, without any extra fabric hanging in front.

Sizing was true to what was listed in the Amazon description. I am a 31" waist and ordered the Medium (31"-33"). It was not as tight of a fit as I usually like, but being at the lower end of that size range, that is to be expected. Whenever I am ordering a cheap thong, I never expect the fit to be amazing, but this one is pretty close.

Pay close attention to the Amazon listing when ordering as there are two different styles. I selected the wider style back and sides and really loved it. I will likely order more in other colors and try the skimpier version as well.

Overall, if you are on the hunt for a bargain thong, this is one you should check out. The comfort level is on point, they have my favorite color option (pink), and the price can't be beat. Try one out and let me know what you think. Happy Shopping!

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