It's Not The End...Just A New Path

I'm back...sort of. The time has come for me to put an end to this blog and move on in a different direction. The good news is that I will still be sharing my passion for underwear and gear not only on social media, but also on another site (more on that in a moment).

First though, why am I ending this blog? I have loved spending the past few years sharing my passion for gear with you. I have been beyond thrilled to receive messages of support from many of you, messages from those who have felt inspired to try something new, and messages from those who found my site and suddenly felt that they weren't "weird" for loving underwear. I still hope to continue to encourage guys to try new things and feel comfortable with their love of underwear, just in a different forum.

What I have come to find is that I REALLY love underwear, but I am not the biggest fan of running my own blog. A blog is like running your own small business. There are costs associated with having a website, domain, and of course the underwear to review. While I have been fortunate to be able to partner with some brands and online stores to receive items to review, and I've been able to generate income via affiliate links on my site, it's a ton of work to make those things happen. In addition, it is not the easiest to actually get some brands to pay me the money I have earned through my links. Quite honestly, I found the blog becoming more of a hassle than a hobby.

I thought a hiatus this summer might be exactly what I need to re-energize myself. While it worked briefly, that energy hasn't been sustained. Thus I feel the need to move on in a slightly different direction....but this isn't goodbye.

So what's the future look like? I am really excited about that! I am partnering up with my friend Tim at Underwear News Briefs. First, let me just take a second to say how thankful I am to have formed not only a new blogging partnership with Tim, but a friendship as well. We both share the same passion about underwear and our desire to help guide men to better underwear. We both understand the joys and the troubles of writing a blog. So rather than us each struggling at times, it makes sense to partner up.

I still get to write when I want, without the personal pressure to try and come up with something new on a weekly basis. It also frees up my time and money from self-funding most of my reviews. Most importantly though, it frees me up to enjoy life more and truly enjoy my love of underwear!

As for this site, it's paid for through the summer of 2020, so the posts will still be around for your reading (and viewing) pleasure. After that, I have not determined what will happen to the old posts or this website. Maybe I will transform it into something new and exciting...more of a personal blog touching on more of my interests. Or maybe I will just let it slip away into an online black hole. No matter what happens to the site, I'll still be around.

So thank you again for taking the time to follow me along this journey during the past few years. I'm really excited for the future and I hope you'll continue to follow me on Underwear News Briefs as well as on Twitter and Instagram. I'll keep showing off my fantastic underwear purchases to try and keep inspiring guys everywhere to step a little out of their comfort zone!

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