I'm Back!

After a brief hiatus to soak up the summer sun, freshen up the website, and create some new content, I'm finally back! Get ready for new posts again each Wednesday and help me spread the good news about underwear by telling your dear friends about this site (especially the ones who could use some guidance in the underwear department).

I thought I would kick things off again by sharing more about me and my underwear journey. Like many guys, my passion for underwear began early in life. I don't quite recall the exact age, but certainly by my teen years I remember having an interest in checking out the mens underwear pages in the JCPenney and Sears catalogs. I always eagerly awaited the arrival of a new season which meant the arrival of a new catalog.

In addition to the catalogs, whenever I strolled through the underwear sections of stores, my eye was always drawn to the skimpier underwear packages, primarily bikinis and thongs. At that time of life I was mostly wearing tighty whities from Fruit of the Loom and Hanes or some random boxers....none of which you will find in my collection today.

I remember when I finally turned 16 and could drive on my own. I drove to a neighboring town to get my hands on some of that "sexy" underwear and ended up with my first thong. I can't quite remember the brand (whatever thongs Kmart had in the mid-to-late 90s). I remember though how I felt putting it on....a rush of excitement followed by a feeling of shame. I knew that the underwear I loved was outside the "norm" (many things in my life were outside the "norm" at that time).

I kept my love of skimpy underwear hidden for many years. I'd buy some sexy underwear and mostly keep it to myself. In my 20's, I ended up throwing out some amazing underwear simply because of negative feedback from various partners at that stage of life.

It took me a number of years to realize that my underwear selections weren't the problem, it was the men I was dating that were the problem. One day I finally just embraced what I love. Not just embracing the underwear that I enjoy wearing, but also embracing my true passion for underwear. For some, underwear is just a functional item, for others it is a sexy item, for me it is both of those things and more.

It is common for me to be thinking of underwear from the moment I wake up in the morning. Already planning what I'll be putting on for work, what I will change into at the gym, and what I will wear to lounge around the house. I've spent A LOT of time and money trying various brands, styles, and sizes of underwear.

Sharing my passion for underwear on social media has lead me to the present. I launched this site in 2017 to share my love of underwear and to help introduce guys to brands and styles they may not normally try. The feedback has been overwhelmingly positive and I cannot thank you all enough for joining me on this journey.

My hiatus was much needed for a number of reasons. Most importantly, it confirmed my underwear passion and my desire to lead guys to better underwear, one post at time. So welcome back, keep coming back, and get ready to try some fun undies!

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