Halloween Candy

It's Halloween season which means costumes and candy! Thanks to Candyman, I've got a new costume, perfect for fun.

The Candyman 99397 harness bodysuit is one of the sexiest items I have added to my collection for a while. The front features a series of horizontal strings around the stomach, right above a solid black pouch. They are connected with a middle string that runs vertically from the pouch to the neck with a halter style collar. The back features the same sexy string design with a nice thong back.

I will admit, this takes a little bit of time to figure out how to put on, but it is worth it. Keep pics of the models wearing it nearby so you can see how it should look...that will help you put it on. Just take it one step at a time and you will figure it out.

The only complaint I have would be that the straps that go around the shoulders can feel a bit tight after a while. This shouldn't be an issue for fun in the bedroom, but could get annoying if you plan to wear it for several hours. It also will depend on your size. These are sized either Small/Medium or Large/X-Large so the straps might be a bit more comfortable if you're on the smaller side of your size range.

The price on this one may be a bit high for some, but thanks to my friends at Fetish Underwear Sales, they will hook you up with a 20% discount when you use code SCRUFFYGEAR20. Once you put this body harness on, I think you will have the same fantastic feeling that I did. It's fun and sexy to wear and would be a great addition to any guys collection. Happy Shopping!

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