Ask Andy: Underwear Confidence

A great question recently popped into my DM and I felt it would be a great topic to expand upon for everyone. Enjoy!

Hey Andy,

Over the past year or more, I have bought a few thongs and have been really getting to seeing a bunch of guys on social media in them. The thongs I have bought, I enjoy wearing. But my question or issue with them is often times when I put them on, I feel embarrassed or ashamed as I put them on. Like they aren't meant to be worn as everyday underwear. Once they are on, I do tend to enjoy having this secret sexy underwear on. Often times I feel nervous about wearing them and so I don't wear them that often. Any suggestions on how to overcome this issue?

I gave the reader some general tips, but wanted to take a moment to expand more here for everyone. First and foremost, the advice I give is applicable to any underwear, not just thongs. The advice also applies to guys with any number of reasons they are nervous about their underwear. From thinking you have to have a certain body type for a certain type of underwear, to worrying what people might think of you if you wear a certain type of underwear, keep reading because the advice is true for all of these scenarios.

One of the biggest things you should remember is that your choice of underwear is unknown to the majority of people you interact with on a daily basis, unless you have a job where you work only in your underwear (if that's the case, hit me up because I want more details about THAT job). What you wear at home is usually only visible to you and maybe the others living in your home. What you wear to work is usually never seen by coworkers unless perhaps you're job involves moving around and you have to bend down or something and a hint of your underwear is exposed. When you are at the grocery store, out at a concert or movie, or sightseeing on vacation, most people never know what you have on under your clothes. Because of that, you should not spend time being nervous about what you have on. You should always wear your underwear with confidence.

I believe that underwear should make you feel your best. Whatever underwear gives you confidence, makes you feel happy, flirty, sexy, or any other positive feeling, is the underwear you should be wearing daily. I find that guys too often stop themselves from wearing the underwear they really love because quite frankly, society has done a great job at fucking our minds up about underwear. For many, it starts in the changing rooms in middle school or high school. We are all just trying to get by at that age in life so we follow the trends as far as clothes, shoes, hair, and yes, even underwear.

What fascinates me the most about this is that as we grow into adulthood and find our true selves, we have no issue changing our clothes and our hair and our shoes to reflect the person we are. Yet for some odd reason, changing our underwear takes us back to those nervous days of puberty. The article of clothing that people are least likely to see is the one that most often has the most emotional baggage associated.

So whether you like thongs, jocks, briefs, or anything else, if wearing it makes you happy then WEAR IT! Sure, some people may have an opinion about it, but people will always have an opinion one way or the other. If it makes you happy, it should not concern them. If it does, that is their emotional baggage to deal with, not yours. While I take underwear seriously, we all have to lighten up a bit and realize that we are talking about underwear. The underwear you put on in the morning should make you feel comfortable, confident, sexy, and happy. If your underwear is not hitting those marks, then it is time to start exploring more (and you have come to the right place).

Bottom line, life is too short to worry about underwear....yours or anyone else's. If something is making you feel excited and sexy by wearing it, then by all means, wear it and enjoy that feeling in your life. Your happiness and comfort is key, so put the fears aside and rock whatever underwear is true to you!

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