A Ray of Sunshine

If you're like me, your underwear selection in the morning is done with thought and purpose. I usually find that my mood dictates what I pull out of the underwear drawer and put on my body. Sometimes on a cloudy day, I like to pull out some bright undies to try and make the day less dreary. A recent addition to my collection adds the perfect ray of sunshine to my day, it's the Brandon Aqua Sunshine brief from Nene.

Bright on both sides, the front of the Brandon Aqua Sunshine brief is a bright aqua color with white piping. Turn around and you'll find a bright yellow color to cover your booty. This color combo is just the thing I need to brighten my mood on a gloomy day. Not only does this brief look bright, colorful, and fun, it is also fun to wear! The front pouch gives a nice looking bulge without being obscene. The design of the pouch really helps accentuate whatever you're working with and the back is cut nicely to just barely cover the booty.

This was my first introduction to the Nene brand and it certainly has created a favorable impression in my mind. If I had to give any suggestions for improvement, it would be to see more fun color combos and to increase the size range to bring the fun undies to a wider range of guys. Overall, this brief is the perfect for any occasion, but especially when you need some fun in your life and want to brighten your mood. The design is equally playful, fun, and sexy...the perfect underwear triple threat.

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