Manthong Revolution: The Essential Thong

In last months Manthong Revolution piece, I shared with you my search for a microfiber thong. I'm not exactly sure what sparked this newfound thong love, but it's here and it's real. Not content to just add one microfiber thong to my collection, I continued the search for more and found another great gem, the Emporio Armani Essential Microfiber Thong.

The fabric is the real highlight of this thong for me. It's about as soft and smooth as my booty and holds up great for all day wear. The microfiber fabric contours my body gives that winning "hardly know you're wearing anything at all" feeling. I opted for the Raspberry color which offers a nice bold pop of color to this classic designed thong. This is the perfect workday thong and would work nicely under a suit or jeans to give your booty that extra pop.

Sizing is where I had to take a chance. I am a 31" waist and the Small was 28-30 and Medium was 32-34. I decided to take a chance and go down in size and it worked out just perfect for me. The waistband is stretchy enough for my waist and the microfiber stretches nicely to hold everything. I felt that going with my usual Medium would have provided way too much extra fabric that would have hung somewhere unwanted. If you are in one of those in-between size situations, go down if you don't mind a snug (but comfortable fit) and go up if you like ample room.

I had been encouraged by a few readers of this site to try Emporio Armani for quite some time. Several of their thongs are more in the $40 range, but the Essential Microfiber Thong was a "bargain" at $28. I've always been more of a bargain shopper and try to spend under $25 for my thongs, but this one is worth every single cent. I'll likely end up buying a few more despite the lack of colorful options. The Emporio Armani Essential Microfiber Thong really lives up to its is an essential thong that every man should be wearing under his clothes at work!

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