Get Them While You Can

Need some new undies? Don't want to spend a lot? Keep reading....this weeks post is thanks to a tip from a friend. I was first told about FlyBoy underwear a month or two ago and I'm glad I learned about this little gem you can find on CheapUndies.

For those of you not familiar with FlyBoy, don't worry, neither was I. Also, based on my research, we may not become more familiar with them in the future. I was able to track down a Kickstarter page for the brand from 2016, but that's about it. Their website no longer appears to be active and their only social media posts are all from 2016. Because of that, you really should get your hands on these while you can!

I tried the Mesh Jockstrap and Mesh Thong as well as the Bamboo Thong. I was admittedly hesitant to try the mesh jockstrap and thong since I'm not a huge fan of mesh (I've had it painfully rub the wrong way before), but based on the advice from others, I gave it a shot. It's a light-weight, sporty mesh which has a fairly soft feeling. For the bargain price of $9.99 on CheapUndies, it's a really good deal. The jockstrap held up well through a workout. The only downside is that I did notice that on my purple jock, some of the color ran after the first wash, but was not very noticeable. Again, for the bargain price, it's a minor detail.

The real star for me was the bamboo thong. The bamboo pouch is super soft, roomy, and breathable. It's become the perfect thong for work as you almost forget that you are wearing anything at all. The nice pastel colors and light fabric make these the perfect spring and summer thong for any occasion. I also did not encounter the same color running issue as with the mesh jock. You can't beat the price on these and I'm glad I was clued in on this little underwear gem. I'm going to go place my order for a few more now before all of you snatch up what's left. Happy Shopping!

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