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A while back I hit some writers block and turned to my great followers on social media for some ideas. This weeks post idea came from a follower who asked how I store all of my undies. Underwear storage is a common question, especially as you increase the size of your collection. There's no one-size-fits-all approach when it comes to undies storage so I thought I would share my approach as well as some tips from others.

For me, underwear storage has evolved over time. I used to have a small collection that fit nicely into one drawer. I used to take the time to fold each pair and store it nicely in my drawer. As time passed and the undies increased, I realized on drawer would no longer cut it and added a second drawer. I should probably mention that I'm talking about a night stand size drawer and not a full dresser size drawer (the collection wasn't that big at the time).

As I continued to acquire more undies, I became lazy when it came to folding and nicely putting them away. I also moved from a small one-bedroom apartment into a house which meant more room for undies storage. I now had an entire guest bedroom closet just waiting for something...and that something was undies. I began by purchasing a couple of shoe box size storage containers but quickly realized I needed more. Today I have around twenty containers (not all of them are full) and have been notified by my husband that I've reached my limit of storage containers. Once they are full, the collection needs to be slimmed down (a happy side effect of wearing thongs more frequently now is that they take up less space...yay!)

Today my collection is spread between a drawer and my storage containers. I try to keep my underwear nicely folded in the storage containers, but have never had great success with folding thongs so they simply lay flat in their containers. I organize each container by style (briefs, jocks, thongs, etc.) and most styles have multiple containers. I also have a couple of containers of miscellaneous items that are either accessories (fun socks, harnesses, cuffs, etc.) or items that are more one-of-a-kind pieces that aren't worn frequently. As for my underwear drawer, it is usually a hot mess...a mix of every style of underwear. You will frequently find me in the morning pulling out a pile of undies from the drawer, throwing it on my bed, and then selecting what I would like to wear for the day.

So that's my approach....a mix of organization and mess. That seems to mirror my life in general so I guess it is appropriate for me. In hearing from others on social media, it seems that there are some common themes:


Some guys take the Marie Kondo approach when it comes to undies storage and have them neatly folded and placed in a drawer so that they can easily see all of their undies. I think this approach works well for those who have a lot of briefs, trunks, or boxer briefs. When it comes to skimpier items such as jocks and thongs, I feel those can be a bit tricky to fold and keep nicely stored.


Others take the same approach as I do with my underwear drawer. They have completely given up (or never tried in the first place) on folding and organizing and opt to simply dig through a drawer each morning like it's digging for a prize. I think this approach works well for those who don't have the time or patience to fold their underwear and who like the thrill of the hunt each morning.

Give Me More

Some guys (myself included) take it to another level by adding additional storage. Whether that's an extra drawer (or two) or extra storage containers. Some opt for several smaller containers while others go for a couple of extra large storage bins. This is the necessary approach for guys who have A LOT of underwear....over 75 I would say. It allows for a more organized chaos in my opinion.

Here's a look at the large storage containers utilized by @Funderpants002

So there you have it, some of the top ways that guys organize their underwear. Every man has to find the approach that works best for him in regards to personal organization style, size of the collection, and room available for storage. I'd love to hear more of your stories so feel free to comment here or on my social pages.

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