Summer Swimwear Preview

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Today was the first really warm day of the season. After a brutal winter, I was beginning to wonder if I would ever have my beloved sunbathing weather return. It's finally least for a weekend and it motivated me to pick out a few swimwear options that have been catching my eye for this upcoming summer sunbathing season.

Garcon Model Kinetic Swim Brief

I love Garcon Model underwear so I know I need to branch out and try their swimwear as well. The Kinetic Swim Brief is new for 2019. A low-rise brief with a great color combo and fun pattern...I'm sold!

JOR Arrecife Beachwear Sunset Swim Trunk

Me? A trunk? Have I gone mad? Don't worry, I won't be converting to trunks anytime soon...but I know not everyone is wanting to rock the swim brief or swim thong this season. These swim short shorts are perfect for the guy who prefers a more conservative look but still wants to be stylish. You can even get a great deal on these through my friends at Fetish Underwear Sales. Just use code SCRUFFYGEAR20 to save 20%

Skinzwear New World Blue

I love me a good swim bikini and Skinzwear never fails me. High quality merchandise, great bikini cuts, and fun patterns make them a winner in my book. There are lot of fun prints so if this one isn't quite up your alley, just search around their site and I'm sure you'll find one you love.

Andrew Christian Ultra Micro Bikini

Want something skimpy, but not quite ready for a thong? I love the Ultra Micro Bikini because it's just the right level of skimpy while still covering your booty and accentuating your bulge. I added one of these to my collection last year and couldn't be happier.

N2N Fire Island Thong

It's back! N2N has always been one of my favorite brands for swimwear. Last summer I invested in the the Fire Island bikini and fell in love. This summer I'm going to branch out and try the thong version. The great body-contouring design and fun side clip make this a must have for the daring man.

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