Manthong Revolution: Charlie By MZ

Have you ever had underwear that was amazing, but you didn't realize just HOW amazing it was until it was gone? Travel back in time with me for a moment...around 15 years ago. I was in the closet about a lot of things in my life, including my love of underwear. Despite that, I did manage to somehow get my hands on a Calvin Klein ribbed microfiber thong. I remember how luxurious that thong felt and how great I felt wearing it. Somewhere along the line I purged it, along with a lot of other great undies, due to a number of now resolved issues. To this day, I still dream of that thong and have been on the search for something equally search is now over!

Let me introduce you to the Pro Thong from Charlie By MZ. I was initially drawn to this thong because of its thick jockstrap-ish waistband. The thick waistband combined with the smooth microfiber pouch and back make this a top choice in my undies drawer. I've been sitting here trying to figure out how to describe how luxurious this fabric feels. The only thing that keeps popping into my head are those TV commercials for chocolate that show you the chocolate being poured as they talk about how rich, creamy, and velvety it is. Imagine that in fabric form and that pretty much sums up this microfiber. Even the wide waistband is extremely comfortable. While some jockstrap waistbands are tight and scratchy, the waistband on this one is smooth and easy to wear all day without complaints.

I'm so glad that the Charlie Pro Thong came along and filled that ribbed microfiber void in my life. All of those wonderful memories of past thongs came back to mind the moment I slipped this on and for that I am thankful. This luxurious thong of course comes at a price. At just under $40 this is one of the more expensive thongs in my collection, but let me tell's worth every single penny. This is one of those to splurge on as a present to yourself. Happy Shopping!

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