The Underwear Challenge

March is always an interesting month for me. It's that transitional month where Winter turns to Spring. Where one day it's snowing and 30 degrees, and the next day sunny and 60. It's the month where I feel ready to come out of my winter hibernation and start having more fun again (note to self, learn how to better embrace winter). This year, March became even more interesting thanks to an Underwear Challenge.

The challenge was the result of some creative thinking by man_thingz. He had been inspired by other month-long challenges he had seen on social media in the past and began to come up with his own underwear related challenge. He reached out to a few people on Instagram to see if they would participate and it grew from there. Boy oh boy did it grow! He mentioned to me that there are guys who were participating that he didn't even realize were doing it until about three days remaining...a sign of just how much it grew online! Now that the challenge has come to an end, I thought I'd look back at my experience during the month.

The challenge started off fairly simple. Mostly color based challenges (Little Red Thing, Mellow Yellow, Purple Rain, etc.). The first week went smooth, it wasn't until Day 8 (Razzle Dazzle) that I had to do a little creative thinking. Thankfully an old dazzling Arroyman thong saved the day! As the month progressed, the challenges became a bit more time consuming and required some additional thought. Perhaps it's because I have a lot of underwear to dig through, or perhaps I am just not as creative as I thought. Either way, it ended up pushing me to revisit some of my old ones, which is always a good thing. I also challenged myself to try and not do a lot of brand repeats, though some couldn't be avoided due to the themes.

Day 27 was the day I probably learned the most about my audience....the theme was Work Secrets so I put on a garter belt and stockings combo from XDress. Being quite active on social media, I have of course noticed the increase in men showing off in lace and lingerie. Always being one to not knock something before I try it, I decided I'd better try it. Who knew it would end up being the most liked photo of mine from the competition? In my mind I have been feeling that 2019 is the year of lace, and my followers seem to agree.

Not only did I learn something from my posts, I also learned from seeing other guys post their challenge photos. There are A LOT of creative guys out there who were able to think outside the box and come up with some really great posts. Kudos to all who participated. I love when underwear brings guys together, and this Underwear Challenge certainly did that.

I have seen some other challenges floating around social media for April. For me though, I need a break from challenges. By the end of the month, it began wearing me out to plan underwear that would match the days theme. When I wake up in the morning, my mood often dictates what undies I select for the day, so I did find it a bit limiting some days. Despite those occasional feelings, I am happy I completed the challenge and really had a lot of fun. If you missed out on the competition, copy it from the photo towards the top of this post and start it anyway you want.

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