Manthong Revolution: JAXSFTK

In my last post I told you all about a less than stellar shopping experience. In both that post and older posts, I've often expressed my opinion that you get what you pay for...meaning if you don't spend a lot, you're probably not going to be overly impressed with what you receive. Today I'm going to completely go against everything I've told you in the past and share with you a cheap, yet amazing thong.

A friend tipped me off to a great find on Amazon, the JAXSFTK thong! Of course I was skeptical at first due to the price, but knowing someone who personally recommend them AND the having a high rating on Amazon helped ease my concerns. My friend had told me that I don't need to order up one size in these (as you frequently need to with imports) AND he said the pouch would be roomy enough for me. Since I know he values his pouch roominess as I do, I knew they would likely work alright for me. I didn't realize they would be so amazing!

Let's start with that roomy pouch. Just looking at some of the photos online, I could tell that the pouch was designed for a nice bugle. No flat front here, this is one you can show off in, yet not necessarily in an obscene way (unless that's what you're going will certainly stretch to show it all off if you're hard). The pouch has ample room for all of my equipment no matter what stage of excitement I am in. For those who are growers more than showers, this may not be the thong for you, as the ample room in front will likely leave some extra fabric hanging.

The sides strings are very skimpy which is perfect if you are wanting a minimal tanline. They are more along the lines of a g-string than a thong. There is a small thong back connecting all of those thin straps together. The fabric is light and fairly comfortable. Certainly not the most decadent fabric, but impressive for the price. Overall, these have a skimpy and sexy look, which I love.

Speaking of price, let's get into that...these can be acquired for less than $5 each! Of course to get that deal, you'll need to purchase the 7-pack. You can purchase just a singular one for around eight dollars, but I think you'll like these as much as I do, so you might as well go for the 5-pack or 7-pack, unless only one or two colors appeal to you. The listing does mention that colors may vary slightly from the picture....I didn't really notice much (if any) difference when I received mine. The size chart provided in the listing seems accurate to me but the ranges are slightly different that some brands. My 31" waist fit just fine in a Medium....I actually wouldn't mind if they were a bit tighter. Since some waist sizes fall into multiple size options, this is one I would actually suggest ordering a size down if you're on the fence.

So there you have it....a "cheap thong" that gets the Scruffygear seal of approval! Order your JAXSFTK thongs now and get ready for those minimal tanlines this summer. Happy Shopping!

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