Celebrating Beefy Boys

Sometimes the world works in mysterious ways and brings you something fantastic when you least expect it. Recently, a friend of mine entered me into a social media contest. It was one of those on Instagram where a brand has you perform a few things in order to be entered into the contest...things such as liking their post, tagging some friends, etc. My friend ended up being the winner and in turn, those he tagged (aka me) also won. It was a pleasant surprise not only because I rarely win anything, but because it introduced me to a new brand, BeefyBoy.

BeefyBoy is a Chicago based brand that is not only offering a great product, but also working to "change the landscape of mens underwear and disrupt the current environment of unrealistic uniformity that is unfortunately the standard in menswear marketing." according to CEO and Creative Director, Xander Clarke. You see this through the images used on their website as well as social media pages. I love brands that embrace the diversity of mens bodies and celebrate all of the various shapes, sizes, colors, etc. But beyond the marketing aspect, the brand also has to deliver a great product, and I am happy to report that BeefyBoy delivers a great product.

Right now, they have one jockstrap collection in three colors. This jock is quickly becoming a favorite of mine for the gym. The pouch is made of Supima cotton so it is luxuriously soft and breathable...perfect for any sort of workout you have in mind. One of the tricky things I find with some jockstraps is the lack of roominess of the pouch based on the fabric used. Thankfully BeefyBoy has done it right and offers a roomy pouch to hold everything without being smashed in as I unfortunately find with some brands. The wide waistband features the BeefyBoy logo and is just the right thickness in my opinion. The 1" leg straps are also the perfect size to comfortably support your butt. This is a well constructed jockstrap and worth every single penny. That said, I always love a deal and Scruffygear readers can save 20% when using Scruffygear as the promo code!

I am thrilled to see BeefyBoy enter the underwear world with a message of body positivity. Their initial jockstrap collection hits all the important marks for me and I cannot wait to see what more they have in store for the future. As with all new brands, their success depends on YOU. Your support of new brands help ensure more collections and body positive marketing in the future. Check out the BeefyBoy website, learn more about the brand, and order your jockstrap (remember to save 20% using code Scruffygear). Happy Shopping!

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