Gymwear Junkies: Lance

It's that time of the month again, time for my Gymwear Junkies feature. This is your chance to hear from a gear lover about their tight gymwear looks. This month I'm happy to introduce you to Lance Kincaid. Read on to learn more about his love of tight gymwear.

Tights appear to be a staple in your gym look, how long have you been wearing them?

I have always liked spandex, I was 16 and got my first pair in Texas . I love the feel and the look , how they shape the body, and the support during leg day. I love to show off.

Have you ever felt self-conscious about wearing tights to the gym? If so, how did you overcome that or any advice you have to help others overcome that fear?

The first time I walked out of the locker room I felt uncomfortable, but after a few minutes I felt awesome! I tell people to own the tight and someone once told me you wear the tights not the tight wear you.. just be proud and don't worry what other think.

What are some of your favorite brands for tight gym gear?

2xu are great. I also like Under Armour, Jeffrey Scott, Nike, and Rufskin.

Guys are always curious about what to wear under tights, what do you wear under yours?

At first I wore a jock, but then I started free-balling, which I love but have to wash the tights more often. Now I wear thongs.

Do you have anything else you would like to share to encourage guys to branch out with their gym wear?

I say embrace your manliness. I hate seeing guys cover up the tights with shorts. Be confident, do not let anyone discourage you, be yourself. Do not follow a trend, set the trend.

I agree with all of Lance's great advice. Check him out on twitter @lancekincaid1. If you're interested in being the next Gymwear Junkie, send me an email.

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