Manthong Revolution: Boytoy Fun

By definition, the term boy toy conjures up images of fun, sex, and pleasure. The Gregg Homme Boytoy Thong is appropriately named then because wearing it will likely have you feeling or wanting all three of those things!

Let's start with the fun; of course I think that wearing pretty much any thong is fun, but this one in particular has a playful feel and design. The lightweight fabric feels great against your skin making this fun to wear. The wet-look fabric also gives this thong a fantastic fun look and there are enough color options to find a color that is appealing to anyone.

Next on the boy toy list is sex. The sex appeal is strong with this thong. In addition to the previously mentioned wet-look fabric (which has high sex appeal in my mind), the center-seamed pouch helps mold the fabric around your package which helps display it at its best. I also like the design of the back strap with its y-back stitching. It adds a little visual interest to the back side and frames your butt cheeks nicely.

Finally, pleasure. This thong is truly a pleasure to wear due to the extremely light material. Gregg Homme consistently has some of the softest fabrics and they feel great against your skin. Nice and delicate, yet they can withstand a full day of wear. The premium price is definitely worth it due to the fabric and quality construction.

So there you have it, a thong that truly lives up to the boytoy name. This would be a great addition to any mans collection. It is great for a date night, fun time, or wearing to work when you want to feel as if you're not wearing any underwear. Happy Shopping!

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