Be Careful What You WISH For

Me: Oooh that's cute, where did you get it?

Them: Wish

Me: I've heard a lot of people talk about that app, but I've never tried it

Them: You totally should!

The conversation above is one that played out numerous times between me and others. For over a year I had been looking at things on Wish, but had never actually completed a purchase. I would scroll through their site, put things into my cart, but never complete the purchase. The cheap prices were appealing, but also brought out the skeptic in me. Because they are imports, I knew the wait time for arrival would be long, and I'm not that patient when waiting for underwear. Despite these things, I finally decided to give Wish a try last November, by ordering mesh shorts, a body string, and a thong.

The first item to arrive were the mesh shorts. They actually only took two weeks to arrive (though I had already forgotten about my order). I would have liked more room in the front of the shorts, but other than that, the fit was ok (nothing amazing). However they were not the color I had ordered and I was not a fan of the light blue they sent me. Strike One.

New Years came and went and item number two arrived about six weeks after the original order date, this time it was the body string. I knew of others who had ordered a similar item so I was pretty confident about this one. The color was right this time, but the second I slipped it on, it was apparent that the construction of the item wasn't quite right. The straps connecting the sides together were not sewn at equal spots so everything was lopsided. The front was not AS noticeable as the back, but both sides were off. I'm also not exactly sure where the back part was supposed to land on my body, but it was not flattering at all. There was no hope for this string. Strike Two.

About a week later my final item arrived, the thong. Based on the previous items that had arrived, I kept my expectations LOW. This was not my first time order a cheap thong, and actually one of my favorite thongs is one I bought for under five bucks on Amazon. I figured it would at least be good for some fun pics if nothing else....I was wrong. As with the body string, the second I slipped it on, I knew it didn't feel right. A look in the mirror quickly confirmed that feeling. The front was very low plunging and ended up feeling like more of a fabric cup that my balls were dipped into than anything else. The back photographs well enough, but wasn't very comfortable. The fabric was also very thin and cheap feeling. The photos on the app had made this look similar to a Joe Snyder thong, but it was far from it. Strike Three.

Just as in baseball, three strikes and you're out! I really wish that Wish had worked for me, but it was failure after failure. I do know people who have had so many Wish success stories that I won't tell you not to buy from them, but I will say buyer beware. I know that some people don't mind if not everything works, because they aren't out a lot of money. But I honestly would have been better off taking the money I spent on those three items and using it on a higher quality product that I know I would like and wear. If you haven't tried Wish but are curious, I say start small and see if you have success. As for me, I'll be sticking to my trusted tips for finding deals on brands I know I love. Happy Shopping!

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