Harness Your Inner Jock

Super Bowl Sunday is fast approaching, and while I am admittedly not much of a football fan, I still like to look the part. Thanks to CellBlock 13, I'm ready for action thanks to their Gridiron Harness.

The Gridiron Harness is a sporty, football inspired harness. The back has a tradition x cross style and is made of diamond-patterned neoprene with contrasting edges. Three snaps allow you to adjust to the size that is right for you. The front is inspired by football shoulder pads and the look is completed with laces that connect the two neoprene chest plates. The chest plates are designed to sit above the nipples which leaves them exposed for easy access.

The harness is sold by itself and can be paired with other CellBock 13 Gridiron options or really any other gear you have. I tend to pair mine with an old CellBlock 13 jock with the same black and blue combo, but it could go with any similar black jockstrap, shorts, football pants, etc. This harness is great for a fun look in the bedroom, gear nights or parties, or even could inspire your next Halloween costume. A special perk of this harness are pockets in the chest plates which can hold your valuables in case the rest of your costume doesn't have place to store anything.

Beat the winter blues and get ready for Super Bowl Sunday (or any other winter fun you have in mind) with the CellBlock 13 Gridiron Harness. This is one item that I wasn't sure when I would wear it when I bought it, but the more I think of it, the more places it seems it can come in handy. Happy Shopping!

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