Manthong Revolution: Why Thongs?

Last summer, I began this monthly Manthong Revolution series based on the growing popularity of thongs and the number of questions I receive about thongs. Rather than a review this month, I thought I would back up for a moment and answer that often asked question...."Why thongs, why are they so great?"

Thongs are great for soooo many reasons. The first is the amazing style. Whether you are a guy who likes to show off his ass or his package, a thong does a great job at displaying either (or both). With a variety of pouch options, you can display your package as little or as much as you would like. The same variety of options are available for the back of a thong as well. Some cover almost half the ass while others are just a small string. There's something for everyone to highlight either side. Thongs have major sex appeal, and who doesn't like some sex appeal?

Another great reason to love a thong is the way it feels. With the right fitting thong, it can feel as if you are hardly wearing anything at all...because let's face it, you hardly are wearing anything. Many guys feel that having a strap of fabric in between their ass cheeks all day would get uncomfortable. I will admit that that is true IF you don't have the right thong. You have to figure out what fabrics work best for you and pay attention to size charts and purchase one that will fit. Once you get the right fit, the feeling of wearing a thong is very freeing and slightly addictive!

Thongs also have a way of making you feel good. For me, I've always found a boost of confidence when I wear a thong. Thongs are not something that the majority of men wear on a daily basis. They are about as far as you can get from the boxer briefs and compression shorts you see forced down our throats in society. Because of that, you have to have some confidence to wear them and that confidence tends to spill through to more than just your underwear. They can make you feel sexy, free, naughty, an entire range of emotions and feelings. It will vary from guy to guy, but most guys who wear thongs have some sort of emotional reaction to wearing them. Which is something I don't think you'd find most boxer or boxer brief wearing guys say.

Finally, thongs are great because they actually have a fascinating power to bring guys together. I don't think I have ever seen groups of guys get together for a weekend to simply enjoy each others company in boxers. But multiple events DO exist to enjoy each others company in thongs. Thongs also have had an interesting way of bringing gay, bi, and straight men together in my life. Thongs are increasing in popularity for men of all shapes, sizes, sexual orientations, etc. Who would have thought that a tiny bit of fabric could build a bridge between guys from all backgrounds and walks of life?

So if you're one of those guys who I call "thong-curious" now is the time to join the club and try some out. Scroll back through some of my old post for some brands to try and keep checking back for future reviews as well. Who knows, you might just end up at a thongers event before you know it!


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