Gymwear Junkies: Musclebythebay

It is time for another Gymwear Junkie feature. This month I am pleased to introduce you to someone I have followed on Instagram for a while now. Musclebythebay has a great collection of gear and he wears it well. Read on to learn more about his love of gym gear and learn what his favorite brands are to wear.

You have some great gym looks, what are some of your favorite things to wear at the gym and why?

Hey thanks! I try to look 'athletic' and love to wear tights for performance and function. I usually wear a "fitted" athletic tank top or t-shirt. This year I've been wearing Nike Color Burst tights and have loved their look and feel. I also love short tights, but it's hard to find right fit and feel. Manufacturers don't make as many short tights as long tights.

You sure can rock some tights at the gym. What are some of your favorite tights brands?

I mainly stick with the standard athletic wear brands like Nike, Under Armour, but I also love the 1 pair of Skins tights I have - If I had the money I'd wear them for every workout.

Some guys feel uncomfortable wearing tights to the gym. Did you ever face that issue, and if so, how did you overcome that? Or any advice for others?

Oh yes. I definitely felt uncomfortable when I started wearing spandex/tights at the gym. I was concerned that people wouldn't approve of what I wore. Overtime I learned that people don't really pay attention to what other people are wearing because they are mostly focused on themselves AND I stopped caring about what other people thought.

Also, I made the decision a several years ago that I would always wear spandex to the gym no matter what, instead of only occasionally. It's given me a hard rule to follow and now I don't think twice about wearing tights at the gym. The more I wear it, the more natural it feels - I look forward to choosing my outfit for the gym everyday.

If you're having trouble putting on the tights, throw away your gym shorts or put them in a hard to access spot.

Do you find what you wear to the gym has an impact on your workout?

Oh yes - comfort, fit, performance, and the way they look all contribute to my motivation to go to the gym and also how good my workout is. Getting a new pair of tights has an incredible impact on my workouts!!

Do you have any gymwear you have had your eye on but not yet tried?

I JUST bought two pairs of tights from LED queens and loved them so much that I ordered another pair. They are now the most coloful/loud tights I have so I'm getting used to that. I also keep an Amazon wish list for gym gear, underwear, and, sexy gear to buy when I want to splurge and have the budget. I love seeing other guys wish lists, and am happy to share the link to mine. I'd love to get some more skins tights and short tights. I haven't tried 2XU yet, but have heard great things.

A big Thank You to Musclebythebay for taking time to answer my questions. Check him out on Instagram and if you'd like to be featured as a Gymwear Junkie, send me an email.

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