A Jockstrap From Down Under

Looking for a new jockstrap? Look no further! A new brand from Australia has launched and I took some time to talk to designer Bryce to learn all about Bristle Supply Co. Sit back, relax, and read on to learn more about this new brand.

Congrats on the launch of your brand! What made you decide to take the steps to launch your brand and site?

Thanks Andy! I’m not gonna lie, I’ve had a bit of success with Instagram as an amateur thirst trap. Lol. It hasn’t happened by accident, I purposefully curated the content and put it out there for the sole purpose of gaining a specific group of followers with a particular set of interests and it seemed to work. Problem was I didn’t really know what I was going to do with that new found following, what the end game was.

I saw people promoting butt scrubs, pills and potions, and subscription services, and I just couldn’t see myself doing that, all the while I was buying underwear and tighty-whities to make content with and I kept getting disappointed with the fit, comfort and quality of them. As an apparel designer, I found it frustrating I was paying a premium for something below par. So that formed my plan and I focused my energy on designing and making quality gear for the average queer. (or straight, not to discriminate)

Tell me about the name of your company. How did you decide on Bristle?

Bristle was the first nickname I ever remember being called. I grew up in a country town in Tasmania and I’d spend the occasional weekend at my cousins farms. One of my uncles used to call me Bristle, I have no idea why, maybe it had something to do with the thistles in the paddock, and me being a bit of a prick as a kid, but I loved it, it made me fell special having a nickname, I wanted everyone to call me by my nickname but it never caught on lol.

How did you decide what product to launch with? And tell us a little bit about your jockstrap.

I decided to test the waters with a stand-alone Jockstrap. It’s probably my favorite underwear piece, and it’s what I wear mostly on my Instagram. And blue because it’s my favorite color. Simple as that. For me, a Jock should be comfortable and supportive, so I’ve used a soft elastic for the waistband and leg straps. For the support I’ve gone with a mid-weight cotton spandex rib fabric, it’s knitted and dyed in a mill just up the road from me! I went with cotton for the traditional feel and the way it will stretch and form around you.. and hold on to your scent ;)

What other ideas do you have for the future? What can people expect as you grow your brand?

Depending how this first Jockstrap color sells, I have red, black, white, yellow and green waiting to start cutting and sewing. I make them all myself, so it’s a little bit of a slow process but I think it adds to the brand, are artisanal jockstraps a thing? I do also want to make a Pride capsule for Sydney Mardi Gras coming up in March. In the near future I want to pursue possible collaborations with some queer artists.

What has been the biggest obstacle in launching your business?

The actual process of designing and making is easy for me, I do it daily as my “real” job, the true barrier was overcoming personal challenges, actually letting go and putting it out into the world with confidence, I had formed and nurtured the idea for so long that mentally it has actually been quite tough to let other people see it without doubting myself. At times, I honestly didn’t think I could do it. But here we are. Bristle is born.

I'm excited for this new brand and look forward to seeing more in the future. Be sure to check out Bristle Supply Co. on Instagram and their website. Happy Shopping!

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