Manthong Revolution: CellBlock 13 Joins The Revolution

A guy reached out to me recently on social media and confessed his love of thongs. During this confession, he asked if I thought more guys were into thongs. I was able to give him a resounding YES! In fact, that is one of the reasons I have added this monthly Manthong Revolution feature to this site.

How do I know that more guys are getting into thongs? Could it be the increased number of photos of guys online wearing thongs? Perhaps. Could it be the increased number of guys reaching out to me on social media with questions about thongs or sharing their first experience with trying one? Sure. But for me, there's no better way to measure the increased popularity in mens thongs than by the increased number of thong offerings for men. We have moved from the era where brands discontinued thongs to a new era of brands joining the revolution and adding thongs to their collection. This week I welcome a familiar brand to the Manthong Revolution: CellBlock 13.

I came across this thong thanks to my buddy Ryan at Cockpit Undies. He was shopping at an underwear store in Oklahoma City called Pulse, and came across this newly launched product just a few weeks ago. They weren't available online at the time (but thankfully are now), so he picked one up for me to try.

The Viper II "Street Legal" thong is consistent with CellBlock 13's other Viper II offerings (brief, jockstrap, trunk). The pouch is very soft and comfortable with just enough room for everything.I really appreciate the center seam which allows for a nice fit. I am admittedly more of a nylon/spandex thong man, but this cotton/spandex blend is quite comfortable and I can envision myself wearing this frequently. I think it will also make a good addition to my gymwear for the days I don't want the tight ass straps of a jock hitting my cheeks.

Color options are consistent with the rest of the Viper II line, you can get this thong in Blue (as I have), or Army Green, Black, or Burgundy. Each color offers a contrasting color around the center which adds a nice design element to this thong. The waistband is a little thicker than I am used to for thongs, but it is very comfortable and I feel as if I am hardly wearing anything at all!

I am pleased to see a brand like CellBlock 13 which is known more for its jocks and harnesses, to branch out into the world of thongs. I hope this product is well received so they will be inclined to offer more thong options in the future. The best way to ensure that they offer more thongs is for you to purchase one of these for yourself. Money talks, so let's get loud and excited that CellBlock 13 has joined the Manthong Revolution! Happy Shopping!

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