Vibrant Tights by LED Queens

Fall seems to be bypassing the Midwest this year as we have fast-forwarded to January-like weather already. Seems like a great time for some new tights to keep me warm during my winter workouts. Always a fan of spicing things up with my gear, I have had LED Queens on my radar for a while and finally had the opportunity to try some of their gear.

I'll start with the HI-NRG tights and Xolotl tights, I love them! Of course the vibrant colors and patterns will first draw your eye, but are they style AND substance? The answer is Yes! These tights were perfect for my workout. The polyester/spandex blend made these comfortable and allowed for plenty of movement. These tights even withstood my ultimate test...being able to do squats without constantly pulling them back up and readjusting. A winner in my book!

As great as these are for the gym, they are equally great for lounging around the house. I can envision cold winter afternoons at home wearing these tights while binge watching TV shows as I try to ignore the cold, snowy weather around me. Add one of their fantastic hoodies , t-shirts, or tanks and you have yourself the perfect, fabulous outfit for a relaxing day at home.

As mentioned on their website, these tights are sublimated so when worn, the print will turn a lighter shade. For me, this is no big deal, but something for you to remember when you wear yours. You also want to make sure to wash these in cold water with similar colors, or better yet, hand wash (and line dry). Sizing is similar to most brands. Each product page has sizing information to help you decide which size is right for you. I found that my usual Medium worked well for me with all of their designs.

There is a noticeable difference between the first two tights I tried and the new Rocket Bodybuilding Tights. These are premium compression tights which means they will feel tighter than the HI-NRG and Xolotl tights. Since these are tighter, you may wish to go up on size, especially if you are on the fence (again, their helpful sizing chart should help you decide).

The other noticeable thing about the Rocket Bodybuilding Tights are the shine! The shiny retro look will make you feel like Olivia Newton-John in Grease in her tight black pants (or maybe I'm the only one who feels that way?). Either way, these are a fabulous throw-back to the 80's and I LOVE them!

If you are looking for new tights and want some unique designs, vibrant colors, and want to support a newer business, then give LED Queens a try. I'm wearing their tights as I type this and I can honestly say these are more comfortable than any other tights I own. They make me want to find a job where I can wear these all day because they are THAT AMAZING! Head over to their website and get some for yourself. Happy Shopping!

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