Gymwear Junkies: Bricklayer 1001

Last month was the first Gymwear Junkie feature and I'm glad to have found another spandex loving gym wear guy to interview this month! For many of you gear lovers out there, this month's Gymwear Junkie likely needs no introduction. His gym looks (and less clothing as well) have been inspiring many gear lovers for years and his videos are quite the delight to watch as well. I'm happy to feature Stephen, AKA Bricklayer 1001 as this month's Gymwear Junkie.

When did you first begin wearing compression gear/spandex/etc to the gym?

When I went to university. I was already spandex obsessed and there were lots of rowers at the gym so when I saw them wearing it I decided I would do what I really wanted to do which was put on my tight gear and train at the gym around other guys in spandex.

Were/Are you ever nervous about wearing tight gear at the gym and what has helped you overcome that?

To be honest I get nervous even now when I go to a new gym in spandex. Some guys, particularly straight guys can be intimidated by guys in tight gear because it takes confidence to wear it. This can lead to negative reactions. That said I never let it stop me. For me the gym is gay church. I love being there and training hard in my spandex and I refuse to allow other people’s insecurities to spoil my fun. If it’s what you love to do I suggest saying a big FUCK IT to what you imagine other people may think. In my experience guys are only looking at themselves or the guy that’s bigger than them. More often then not it’s your insecurities you are listening to, not other people’s reactions. Most people are too busy focusing on their own body issues to notice a guy in tight clothing.

You have fantastic gym looks, what are some of your favorite things to wear when working out?

TIGHTS. Every time. I have always loved spandex tights more than any item. I have quite big legs and tights show them off really well but what I love the most is the tight material over my bulge and my ass. It creates a perfect combination of a great look and a great feel. I have always loved the feeling of spandex on my body. When I put on tights I get a buzz and feeling my ass and bulge encased in spandex really gets me going. I usually wear a thong under my tights too. Thongs are amazing, especially bulge thongs as they support you and show you off. Sometimes I opt for really short spandex shorts, something that barely covers me and has a great bulge.

What are some of your favorite brands to wear at the gym?

I have two kinds of spandex brands for the gym. One is sporty and is usually Nike (the pro combat tights are amazing) and Under Armour who use really sexy fabrics and prints. IcanIwill is a Swedish brand I’ve got in to recently. Very sporty but the fabric is very shiny and feels great on my body.

The second type is more fashionable and could be worn to a club. Rufskin are amazing particularly when I want to wear bright colours. I don’t wear this sort of look to the gym often but I love variety so it’s great to mix it up with. Then there is my sex spandex but that is a whole other story and a whole other wardrobe.

In addition to looking and feeling good in your gym wear, do you find that what you wear to the gym improves your workout?

Well I enjoy the experience more for looking how I want to look so I would say that is an improved workout as it is more pleasurable. I do have what I call aspirational spandex. This is usually an outfit that is very revealing or very tight. Sometimes I will train harder to ensure I can look good in it. My version of a girl training hard to look good in her prom dress.

One final question, is there anything else you would like to tell the readers about your gym looks?

Like any type of clothing, I wear what makes me look and feel good. I accentuate my best assets with tight spandex (my ass, my legs) and I am careful not to show off areas I am self-conscious about like my waist, probably why I don’t wear a lot of t-shirts that are fitted in the waist. Ultimately, I wear what I think looks good on me and that is different for everyone. I always dress for me. Sometimes the little voice of self-doubt can be a bit loud making me feel self-conscious but as I already said, you have to say FUCK IT, this is how I wanna look. If people have time to look at what you are wearing to the gym then they probably aren’t training hard enough.

Great advice from Stephen. You can see more of him (and his gear loving hubby) on Instagram and their website. If you're interested in being featured as a Gymwear Junkie, send me an email!

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