Underwear Hybrid: When Boxers Meet Thongs

Those who have followed me for a while, know that I am not the biggest fan of boxer briefs. But in my never ending quest to try a variety of underwear and my love of an underwear hybrid, I knew once I saw this unique hybrid thong/boxer brief, I had to give it a try.

This hybrid, which I refer to as a thoxer, was created by Pikante underwear. As their name suggests, Pikante is a brand that is all about spicing things up, which is one of the reasons I really like them. The official name of this now sold-out thoxer is the Pole Dance Thong Boxer, and I'd say I agree with the name. I could definitely see myself doing a little pole dancing in this spicy thoxer.

I really like the mix of materials and colors on this one. The exterior of the camouflage thong portion feels like velvet, while the reverse side is a comfortable synthetic fabric. The black boxer portion is a stretchy nylon/spandex which allows for great stretch around my thighs. You put these two pieces together and you have yourself a very sexy, very stylish, very comfortable thoxer. I'm not sure I see myself wearing this as all-day wear, but it really is a fun little hybrid to add to your collection. If you are a guy who is thong curious, but not ready to take the full plunge, this hyrbid might be right up your alley (and likewise for thongers who are boxer curious).

As I mentioned, this thoxer is now sold out. You might be thinking "Why would Andy dangle this thing in my face that I can't buy?" There are a couple of reasons. The first, this was just too awesome of a hybrid to pass up and I felt its story must be shared with the world. The second, is this is a great example of why you should buy something unique when you see it...things like this don't last forever. If you ever find yourself second-guessing buying something fun and unique like this, my advice is to go ahead and buy it! Now, don't apply this reasoning to ALL underwear....only the things that are truly unique that you don't see everyday. The more guys who buy these wonderful hybrids, the more that brands will produce. It's all about demand, so let your credit card to the work at expressing to these companies that this is the type of underwear they need to create more often.

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