Manthong Revolution: Candy Sling

This month, the Manthong Revolution branches out to a body thong...specifically the amazing Candy Sling by Slick It Up. This fabulous work of art may not be for everyone, but I knew it was a must for my collection!

Let me back up for a moment and explain my love of Slick It Up. I pretty much LOVE everything on their site. From the subdued to the over-the-top, they have it all. If I ever find myself with tons of excess money, I would likely own everything Slick It Up creates.

Ok, now let's get to the Candy Sling. I knew the moment I saw this delicious pink sling, that I had to own it. The most difficult decision was sizing. Sizing is the hybrid sizing of S/M or M/L. I consulted the size chart but that lead to even more confusion because my height fit into one size, but weight into the other. Whats a guy to do? I decided I'd rather squeeze into it than have it hang on me so I went with S/M. That decision paid off well, as it is the perfect fit.

This is not something I just throw does take a little bit of work for me to get it on, especially around my hips. The fabric has some stretch to it, but not a ton. I've been told by another thong lover who has ordered multiple Slick It Up body slings that this fabric has the least amount of stretch to it. He told me that if you need a little extra stretch, check out the Unicorn Sling.

I found the Candy Sling is very well made and worth the higher price. To save a little cash, sign up for Slick It Up's mailing list as they send emails at least once a week and each contains a discount code (usually 10 or 15% off, but I swear I've seen one rare 20% off). The fabric has some stretch, but it would have been nice to have a bit more. If you're familiar with Joe Snyder, you know their (now discontinued) pink fabric had a little less stretch than others...this fabric is very similar.

If you're looking to make a bold statement at a party, spice things up in the bedroom, or just want something fabulous to lounge around in at home, check out the Slick It Up Candy Sling. It fits like a glove and looks fantastic. Happy Shopping!

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