Full Kit Gear: Why I Love Shopping In-Store

Labor Day Weekend has come and gone...the last hurrah of summer. I spent a relaxing weekend in Chicago and no trip there, at least for me, is complete without a stop at Full Kit Gear.

Full Kit Gear is pretty much my version of heaven. While the store isn't the largest I've seen, they know what they are doing and have a great variety of options. They carry brands such as Nasty Pig, Cocksox, Gregg Homme, Skull & Bones, and more! They also have their own line called FK Gear, and I'll review the FK jock I bought in next weeks post.

This week though, I want to take time to explain why I love shopping at underwear stores in-person. Sure it's easier and often more convenient to shop online, but there are some great advantages to shopping in-store:


Have you ever made an underwear purchase online only to find that it doesn't fit as you expected? Unfortunately returning underwear isn't always easy and you're often out the cost of the underwear. Trying it on in-person allows you to find the right fit, see if you like how it looks on you, and decide if it's right for you.

I have had my eye on a number of pieces from Maskulo over the years, and decided to give them a try in the store. I tried on multiple pieces and found that sizing was tricky. For example, I'm usually a size medium, but had to go up to a 3XL in the codpiece shorts in order for my butt to fit and allow the rear zipper to fully zip! While not everyone will need to go up that many extra sizes, the helpful staff at Full Kit did mention going up a size or two is always recommended in that brand. Being able to try the pieces on in person, I was able to find the exact size I needed. Maskulo gear isn't cheap, so knowing the right size is a huge money saver.


Another perk of shopping in person in stores such as Full Kit is the service! Seriously, they have THE BEST customer service of all underwear stores I have shopped! The store was well staffed and each staff member was friendly and helpful. They advised on sizing, helped me get into a harness, and had tons of product knowledge. Their assistance was helpful and greatly appreciated.

The customer service was consistent with everyone who walked through the door. My favorite was watching the staff interact with a guy who wanted his first leather harness. He was a bit self-conscious about his body, but the staff quickly put him at ease and helped explain the various options and fitted him for his harness. This type of customer service is priceless!


The final reason I love shopping in-person at underwear stores....the extra items. I find that underwear stores always have more than just underwear. From accessories such as socks and hats, to lube, to toys, they have a lot of complementary items. Full Kit certainly has a great variety of all of those options and the expert advice from staff members to help you find what's right for you.

Full Kit has locations in Chicago and Provincetown. I highly recommend you give them a visit if you find yourself in either of those cities. And even though this post has been all about the benefits of shopping in-person, you can shop their full selection online as well. Next week I'll tell you all about the FK line of jocks so come back for that. In the meantime, happy shopping!

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