Five Tips to $ave

If you're like me, you love your undies but don't love spending a lot on them. Underwear is one thing where there's something for everyone, including price. I have found though that you get what you pay for. So what's a guy to do when he wants quality undies on a budget? I present to you, the Scruffygear tips for saving money on undies.

1. Spread the Love

Some stores, such as have referral programs. You register your own account and share a link with your friends and both you and they save! Easy! It's a great way for you to save money on your undies and help your friends at the same time. It's a win win!

2. Cheapundies

One site I follow regularly is CheapUndies. Each day the site offers a new deal with a limited quantity...usually closeouts. The undies can be hit or miss, but the thing I love about it is that it has allowed me the opportunity to try some brands I have been curious about, without having to pay full price. I can get a feel for the brand and their sizing so that I feel more comfortable ordering from the brands site.

3. Check the Calendar

There are always sales to be had, especially around holidays. If you're in the mood to save, you just have to be patient and shop around holidays. From Christmas to Presidents Day to Independence Day, you're likely to find sales around any holiday. Just keep your eyes open.

4. Let the Sales Come to You

As my previous tip suggested, keep your eyes open for deals. But that can be a lot of work sometimes. Let the deals come to you by signing up for emails from all of the brands and stores you love. Many will flood your inbox on a daily basis so I suggest setting up a separate email account for your undies emails. Let your inbox fill up and then when you're ready to shop, you just need to scroll back to see which deals are still valid. As a bonus, many brands will give you an immediate discount when you sign up for their mailing list so sometimes it pays to wait to sign up until you're ready to purchase. Also, follow your favorite brands on social media so you are always aware of upcoming sales.

5. Follow Me (and others)

Sites like are here to help you save. Check out my Deals & Links page for links to some of my favorite brands and stores...a few with special discounts for my followers. Check out other underwear blogs as well to get the latest scoop about deals. Many underwear brands will also offer discount codes through their brand ambassadors on social media, so if you find one, take advantage of those deals. Every little bit helps. Happy Shopping!

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