Manthong Revolution: Maximize Yourself with Joe Sndyer

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If you've been reading the blog and/or following me on social media for a while, you no doubt know that Joe Snyder is one of my favorite underwear brands. You also know that I was sad when they discontinued my favorite thong. But worry not, they gave me something new to soothe the pain...the Joe Snyder Maxi Bulge Thong.

As the name implies, this thong certainly maximizes your bulge. The design of this thong offers dual maximizing features...the first is a deep pouch. While I've always been a fan of the Joe Snyder Bulge thongs, I find myself just barely squeezing everything in. The deep pouch on this thong though is a breath of fresh air and has plenty of room to hold everything. The second maximizing feature is the built-in cock ring. It is a thin, narrow strap of fabric that can be adjusted to really help your equipment stand out and live up to the name of maxi bulge.

A nice surprise about this thong is the back. I was expecting the back to be the same as the classic or bulge thongs, but Joe Snyder delivers a new back for the Maxi Bulge Thong. The back plunges deeper towards your crack than their other thong designs which helps maximize your butt as well. It was a pleasant surprise to an already great thong.

I really love the look of the Maxi Bulge Thong. I personally would likely only wear this for fun or maybe out on the town. You definitely want to wear it when you want to turn heads. I'm not a huge fan of built-in cock rings in underwear, but it really does help to maximize your bulge. You always have the option not to wear the cock ring and just tuck it into the pouch a bit.

The color options are not as robust as other Joe Snyder options...they appear to be getting rid of the bright colors such as yellow, pink, and purple. So you'll have to enjoy this thong in more subdued colors. Never fear, the design of this thong will make you stand out without the need for a bright color! The fabric is the traditional Joe Snyder nylon/lycra mix and sizing is standard Joe Snyder sizing as well.

Overall, this is a fun new option from Joe Snyder. It's nice to see something new and hopefully they will branch out to other colors for the maxi bulge in the future. Happy Shopping!

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