Itsy Bitsy Yellow N2N Bikini

Back in the day (before my time) there was a song about an itsy bitsy, teenie weenie, yellow polka dot bikini. Perhaps it was the inspiration for the N2N Fire Island Bikini 2.0. While there are no polka dots (and no teenie weenies), this itsy bitsy bikini is sure to turn heads for all the right reasons.

I love soooo many things about this bikini. First, the color; the yellow is bright and sunny, perfect for summer. If yellow is too bright for you, there are also white or turquoise options (while they last). The low cut front, skimpy sides, and full back make this the perfect bikini in my book. To add even more sex appeal, there's a stylish and fully functional side buckle.

Let's talk about that buckle a bit. I'm the type who loves the look of a side clip or buckle on underwear and swimwear, but it is not always easy to detach and attach. Also, some side clips and buckles are just plain uncomfortable...they dig into your hips and side, or leave an indentation in your skin. Thankfully those issues are not present in the Fire Island Bikini 2.0. The buckle is plastic and the sides of the bikini fully wrap around around it which means you feel fabric against your skin, not the buckle. As far as functionality, the buckle certainly works. One small click and "hello buns" the bikini quickly reveals your booty!

This bikini is perfect for the beach or those summer pool parties. Stand out in the crowd and show off in the N2N Fire Island Bikini 2.0. These are going fast so get yours today and if your size is not available, you really can't go wrong with any N2N swimwear...I own several and love every single one of them! Happy Shopping!

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