Manthong Revolution: Pistol Pete

Thongs have been growing in popularity as of late, and based on your feedback, you want more thong reviews. I aim to please, so I'm starting a new feature called Manthong Revolution. Since so many of you are into thongs or thong-curious, we may as well start a revolution together!

This week I'm focusing on Pistol Pete. Pistol Pete wants their customers to feel sexy and empowered while in their underwear, and I don't think there is anything more sexy and empowering than a man in a thong. While their thong options are severely lacking (they only offer one option), the one they have is done right!

The Pistol Pete PPK001 Thong is available in three color options. So far, I only own the red, but I'm sure I'll end up with the Grey and Turquoise in my collection soon enough. The Nylon/Spandex fabric feels great against my skin, it's a great soft, smooth feeling. The pouch is more of a traditional design, as opposed to a bulge type pouch, but it had plenty of room for my package and allowed for some stretch. The sides are thicker than I'm used to and I found they rode up slightly from time to time, but not in an uncomfortable way. I actually ended up loving the thicker sides and back (compared to my normal skimpier thongs).

Another great thing about this thong is the price point. A lot of designers are charging between $20 and $30 for their thongs, but this thong is just over $15. I think the price point is a good reflection of the thong itself; it's a solid, everyday wear sort of thong. If you're looking for a good deal on a solid thong, you should add this to your collection! Happy Shopping!

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