Ask Andy: Sexy For All Sizes

I always believe that when you wear sexy undies, you feel sexy. And that sexy feeling helps boost your confidence. But it's not always easy for some guys to find the right size in skimpy gear as a reader asked me about recently...

"A lot of the underwear you wear, I love but is not made in big-boy sizes (I'm currently a 44 waist). Where can those of us with bigger waists and assets find sexy bikinis and thongs?"

The bad news is that some brands limit their customer base to only certain sizes. Others limit their sizes to certain styles. The good news is there are brands out there who know that sexy undies should be worn by guys of all shapes and sizes. Let's take a look at a few of my favorite brands that offer a wide range of sizes:

Body Aware

Thongs, jocks, erotic wear, lace, and more. Body Aware takes sex to a new level. According to the size chart, sizes range from 28" to 45". Most of the thongs I looked at were only offered up to 2XL (40"-42") so you may have to do some searching to find some 3XL.


While their online store is new, the designer behind the brand has been making custom orders for guys of all shapes and sizes for years. The celebration of all bodies is clear on their website so take a look and order yourself some sexy undies. Sizes range from 24" to 50". In addition to the ready made items on the site, you can also order custom gear as well!


Sexy bikinis and thongs? That's Muscleskins specialty! Everything is custom made. You pick the pouch, sides, back, color/pattern, etc. Check out a previous post of mine to learn all about the ordering process. If you need more room in the waist or in the pouch (or both), Muscleskins has you covered! Waist sizes range from 26" to 42"+. Reach out to them with any questions you have prior to ordering.

Prevail Sport

Prevail Sport has a seemingly endless variety of styles and patterns from which to choose. From wild patterned thongs to rubber bikinis, you should have no problem finding something sexy on this site. Sizes range from 28" to 44".


This is one of my favorite brands, so much so that they were the topic of one of my recent summer swimwear posts. Sexy biknis, g-strings, thongs, and more! Skinzwear has a wide range of sizes from 21" to 47" (note the XXS and XXXL sizes are priced as special order). The quality of work is fantastic and highly recommended.

Hopefully the sites above will have something of interest to you. Happy Shopping!

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