First Look: Titan Body Armor

Gear lovers! Have you been on the hunt for something new? A new brand launched today called Titan BodyArmor. This new and exciting brand will bring you a variety of gear for your workout. I recently caught up with Jai from Titan BodyArmor to learn more about the brand and what you can expect. I'm VERY excited for the launch and I already have my first order placed!

What can people expect from the pre-launch sale and full site launch?

The pre launch sale will include two lift tanks. This initial collection includes jockstraps, workout hoodies, long workout tights and short running tights.

What price points should people expect?

Price points will range between $20 and $60.

Will international shipping be available?

Absolutely! It’s important to be able to make them available everywhere. Obviously there might be a country or two we can’t deliver because or unreliable local mail service. But I am planning on making it available in every major market.

What do you think makes your brand stand out from others?

I am self funding this entire project. This allows me to think outside the box and do just about anything I want. I don’t need to sell thousands of pieces to make a profit. That being said, I am producing limited edition gym apparel. 400 units per design. The breakout is 50XS, 100 Small, 100 medium, 100 large, and 50XL.

The smaller run ensures that there will be more quality control. A big apparel company usually makes a T-shirt or jock in under 5 minutes. My jocks for example take about 9 minutes to put together. Not counting sublimination of the artwork on the material. That takes about an hour and a half and is hand done.

My biggest pet peeve is spending money on clothing only to have it fall apart. I look at these pieces as investment. They should last for a very long time! I’m not cutting corners when it comes to having the best elastic wastelands and fabrics. It adds to the cost but I’m not in this field to become a millionaire. The profit margin per piece will be small but I believe that when you spend $20 on a jock, it needs to be made of the best materials and last a very long time.

What made you decide to launch your own line?

I was an art director/designer for about 20 years. I found design firms to be very toxic and unfulfilling. I could never get too creative because someone without knowledge of design would eventually take my creations apart.

Back in college (late 90s) I remember thinking how men’s underwear was not exciting enough and all the things I would do to make them more comfortable and more appealing. Unfortunately back then, having the funds was beyond my reach. Marketing a line then would have been hundreds of thousands of dollars. Now through social media and online stores it’s a lot less expensive.

So the timing was right and I finally decided to jump completely into creating my own brand and apparel.

What's been the most challenging part of launching your brand and the most rewarding?

Working with manufacturing and fabric companies. For example, you go through a process of creating demo pieces in the fabric you think might work best for the design. Once you approve the design in the correct fabric (sometimes can take up to a month) you order the fabric you approved. In that interest, the fabric may not be available or it could be the same fabric but they switch the sticking on t and not it is a bit different. That’s what happened to the 4 hoodies In my collection. The fabric company sent an altered material and now we have to wait 45 days for the correct one to be made. Placing those hoodies in a July/August release date. I’ve learned to be a lot more patient!

What is your hope for your brand in the next 3 years?

I would love to have the opportunity to keep making unique athletic leisure apparel. I’m quite particular about clothing. It’s hard for me to find a brand that fits me well. I always seem to take a garment apart thinking about what else could be done to achieve a better fit or better functionality.

What else should readers know about Titan BodyArmor?

I’ve never seen ads marketing gym gear feature men over the age of 40, gay couples, or guys without abs. I see this as a great opportunity to change that. I plan on showcasing that throughout Titans social media accounts and website.

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