Swim With The Big Boys

For all my well-endowed readers, this one is for you! If you aren't familiar with WildmanT, you definitely need to get acquainted. In addition to briefs, jocks, and thongs, WildmanT also has a great line of swimwear.

The first thing I noticed when I slipped on the Big Boy Pouch Swim Bikini was the lift I felt of my package. The uniquely designed pouch gives lifts and cups your package just slightly....enough to first notice, but the sensation later fades and you feel like you are just naturally hanging as if you're wearing nothing. If you are not as endowed as some, but still want to try these, you might find it fun to add a cock ring to help keep you excited to fill the pouch.

I really enjoy the cut of this bikini. The sides are average width and there's a full coverage back. The focus of this suit is all in the front, just as it should be for the well-endowed guys. The main color of the suit is black, but there are three options for the waistband color which gives it a nice pop. I chose yellow and really love how it looks next to the black. It's a classic, sexy look.

Being a 31' waist, I fall at the low end of Medium. While this bikini works nicely for me, I think I actually could have gotten by with a small because of the roominess of the pouch. The waistband has a decent amount of stretch so if you are at the lower end of a size range, you could consider going down....depending on how tight of a fit you like.

Construction of this suit looks and feels top notch. With its classic design and quality construction, these are a staple you should have in your swimwear collection. If you are well-endowed, you really should give these a try. They are sleek, sexy, and will help display your package at its finest! Happy Shopping!


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