Summer Skinz

While we have not yet hit the official start of summer, the sun is out and the heat has arrived, so it means more swimwear reviews for you. This week is all about sexy swimwear from Skinz. I'm giving you not one, not two, but THREE reviews in one this week! Read on...

Skinz Stuffit Pouch Bikini Swimsuit

This bikini rocks! The front features a sexy, low pouch with just the right amount of room to fit everything. Skimpy sides connect that pouch to a back which Skinz describes as 3/4 coverage. Having a larger booty means that 3/4 coverage usually is closer to 1/2 coverage for me, but in this case, it truly did cover 3/4 (if not more). The Vapor Wave Orange fabric helps you stand out on the beach and is a nice change from the traditional solids you see in a lot of swimwear.

Tanga Cheekini Bikini

what I like most about this is the pouch, which has a bit more room than the previous stuffit style pouch. I also like the smaller sides. As far as the "cheeky" style back. I found that the cheeky aspect was true at both the top and bottom. Traditionally, "cheeky" style underwear and swimwear shows off the bottom of your butt cheeks, but the design at the top of these plunges down to your crack which also ends up showing some cheek at the top. While this is called a bikini, I really consider it to be more of a thong...perhaps it just ended up that way on my butt? I think if I were going to get some sun, I would stick to a thong, but this was still really fun to wear.

Stuffit Pouch Thong Back Swimsuit

As mentioned, if I'm going to let it hang out at the beach or by the pool, I'll stick to a thong. I think thongs are where Skinz truly excel. I LOVE the stuffit pouch thong! I've already mentioned this pouch in bikini form and the same holds true in the thong version. The quality of the construction on this thong as well as the other swimsuits are all fantastic. The fabric is nice and tight, but comfortable against the skin. Spend some time in the sun in this thong and you'll be left with a very sexy tanline. There are several color and pattern options for this thong, but there's something especially sleek and sexy to me about the basic black. The fact that it's generally on sale is also an added bonus!

Overall, you can count on Skinz for some sexy designs and quality construction. I appreciate the fact that they continue to add new patterns each year to keep things fresh and new. The price point is slightly higher than other brands, but the old saying about "you get what you pay for" has held true for all of my Skinz purchases. Which Skinzwear will you be wearing this summer?

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