Guest Review: Bruno Banani Anti-Stress Tanga

I'm nearly nine months into blogging, so it feels appropriate that a "blog baby" is being born today. I'm excited to feature a guest post this week by one of my readers, Otterly Imperfect. Enjoy learning more about him and his take on the Bruno Banani Anti-Stress Tanga.

First, I have to thank ScruffyGear for letting me be a contributing writer to his blog and present you with my unique take on the world. As a non model type, I don’t have a body like ScruffyGear or any of the retailer’s models that you see. And frankly, I’m okay with that.

Not everyone can be a model or have 0% body fat, but we can all learn a little more about loving ourselves and the bodies we have. But where does that leave us underwear loving guys, if we’re a little rounder than the models? Very rarely do stores list models waist sizes. And to be honest, I’m guessing that they are a size small. So having been a fan of ScruffyGear and UndiesGeek85 for quite a while, their body positive message has got this Otter coming out of the closet for the second time in his life. So, I’ve created “Otterly Imperfect” because I celebrate my body and yours. With that said, I thought I would cut the ribbon with a review on the Bruno Banani Anti-Stress Tanga. I hope you find it helpful. And if you like what you see, drop me a line on Instragram at OtterlyImperfect or

As stated earlier, I'm not a model. Hell, when it comes to pastries and goodies, they're like long lost friends that I'll run to with open arms. But I also visit them with moderation and self-control, knowing that I don't have the most active lifestyle between family commitments and work. When I was a bit thinner, I used to wear the Bruno Banani Anti-Stress tanga. Extra Larges worked because European sizes typically run a bit smaller than the states. But as age, (I'm 47,) and different life events presented itself, my mid-section grew a bit. And the Anti-Stress tanga became a little stressful to put on. While I like a little excitement in my life, wondering if I unzipped my pants if the brief would snap off like a broken rubber band and ricochet around the room wasn't exactly what I had in mind. So, sadly, the briefs were shelved. That is, until the brand caught up with the Western world and offered more sizing options.

Not knowing which size would fit, I bought both a extra large and 2XL. And to be completely candid, I measured my waist where I normally like my undies to sit. And for that measure and to really put it out there, I took a picture of it. (Officially, I am 36.5 at the waist.) And I'm completely okay with that. I can honestly say both fit. However the 2XLs had more a give in the waist than the XL.

So here's the breakdown: The Lime Green Anti Stress tanga is an XL. While it fit around the legs, the pouch was little tighter than I was comfortable with, making it ride a little lower than I would have liked. In addition, if some "excitement" occurred, it got a little dangerously close to the top of the waistband. And, I'm not a fan of the gopher popping his head out. The Urban Blue Anti Stress tanga is the 2XL. While it fit the way I normally wear my underwear, the waistband was a little loose, showing that I am the classic in-between sizing that's a bit more of pain in the ass. The legs and waistband were comfortable all day, and I have little to complain about when the sparks began to fly. Everything stayed where it should have been and provided a little more sizzle to the reveal.

Overall, I give them a solid B. If I lost a little weight, the XL would be fine. But judge for yourself...

I am Otterly Imperfect, and I celebrate you and me! Happy Buying!

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