What's In Store for MWearNYC

For a number of years, designer Matthew C. Hampton has been fulfilling dreams for guys when it comes to sexy and stylish custom underwear and swimwear. Ready to take his next step, the launch of MWearNYC is just days away. I recently had the opportunity to ask Matthew what he has in store for the online store so you know what to expect:

What can people expect from the site…what styles will be offered? Will it be ready-to-wear or custom, or a combo?

Customers can expect a clean, simple, product-focused website. The idea behind the brand and the website is that the focus should be (obviously) on the product but also the men wearing the product. Customers will be able to see the underwear being worn by men who look like them….ALL of them.

We will be featuring ready-to-wear and custom. The RTW collection will give the customer the option to adjust the size of the pouch of their underwear to fit their body’s needs. There will also be a Custom Order portal that gives our customers the option to place an order for a custom item that they dream up. (There is a minimum price for Custom Orders and we are only doing custom underwear at this time).

You’ve been making custom pieces for quite some time. Why did you decide now was the time to launch the site?

A website has been my dream since I started making underwear several years ago. It takes time to develop a product that is consistently successful and perfect enough for me to want to make available publicly. I originally wanted to launch the site last Fall but it took some time to get organized in an order that worked for everyone else involved. My website developer helped me realize that taking our time will only result in a more thought-out and perfected product, talking about the website, and I couldn’t agree more. I’m happy we waited but I’m also happy I don’t have to wait any longer.

What’s been the most challenging thing about launching the site? What’s been the most rewarding?

Time. I’m a naturally impatient person. Like I said earlier, I kept wanting to speed things up because I was getting so anxious to share this brand with the world that it sometimes affected my judgment. I’m thankful for the individuals that told me to reel it in and be patient…success takes time.

The most rewarding part of this process is looking back and remembering the instant when I said to myself, 5 years ago, “I want to develop a men’s underwear and swimwear line”. Seeing my dream literally become a reality feels incredible. Additionally, having my friends be apart of the process feels really spectacular. From models to photographers to opinionated bystanders, my community of friends have been my biggest inspiration for creating this brand.

What do you feel differentiates your brand from others?

Many men’s underwear brands these days target very specific types of men on both ends of the body-type spectrum. MWearNYC is a brand for ALL men. It seems counterproductive at this moment in history to allow any man to feel like a brand of underwear isn’t for their body because they’re “too big” or “too small”. There are so many other things going on in the world right now that make people feel excluded from doing one thing or another and buying underwear that makes them feel sexy should not be one of those things. There are certainly different aesthetics for different brands, which I completely understand, but I want ALL men to feel sexy and confident when they slip on a pair of our underwear.

A big thanks to Matthew for taking the time to give me (and you) a preview of MWearNYC. I hope that you are as excited as I am for the launch of the site! I have always been impressed with Matthew's work. Admittedly the endless options for custom design can be a bit overwhelming for me to narrow down, so I am especially excited for the ready-to-wear collection. Be sure to check out the launch of MWearNYC on June 1st. You can also visit the site now to signup for email updates when the site goes live.

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