Lace: Don't Knock It Until You Try It

When it comes to mens underwear, there's no shortage of styles, fabrics, colors, etc. In recent years, lace has been growing in availability and popularity. Some men have embraced lace, others hate it. In fact, in a recent unscientific Instagram poll I conducted, 65% of respondents said they did not like lace. That number did not surprise me, but that fact that over 1/3 of men were in favor of lace, did surprise me. That was higher than expected, so I figured as an underwear connoisseur, I should give it a try!

Before trying lace for the first time, I decided I should do some research. Just as with any fabric, not all lace and not all brands are created equal. I did my homework by reaching out to guys I knew had experience with lace. Joe Snyder, Andrew Christian, and Candyman topped their list of lace underwear brands.

Of course in addition to selecting the brand, you also have to select your style. Mens lace underwear can be found in all styles, from boxers to briefs to thongs, and even jockstraps! You can also find them in various colors from the basics of black or white, to the more daring like red or neon green. Thanks to a friend, a black lace Joe Snyder sock-it thong was gifted to me, so there was no better time than now to give it a try!

I did have two issues to overcome before trying lace. The first was the misconception that lace is "for women". The guys I interviewed all mentioned this to some degree and all agreed that it actually takes a real man to wear lace. A man who knows his body, is comfortable with himself, and does not care what others think about his underwear. Having heard this same misconception about guys who wear thongs, this was a pretty easy issue to overcome. Bottom line, wear what makes you feel sexy and confident.

Moving onto the next issue, which was honestly my larger issue...I was concerned that lace would be too similar to mesh. I'm not a huge fan of mesh because I find the holes often rub my skin the wrong way at times, and I REALLY don't like my package being in pain due to my underwear. I think that's why I had put off trying lace for so long, but since it arrived at my doorstep, I had nothing to lose.

I'll start by saying that the Joe Snyder sock-it thong is there's not a ton of lace...there's not a ton of anything to it! As the name implies, the pouch is like a sock, so it takes a little bit of work to get everything into the pouch. As far as the lace issue about the similarities to mesh were both right and wrong. As far as the look, it's very similar to the few thin, fine, mesh undies I already have in my collection, just a bit more decorative. Thankfully though, the feel of the lace was not unpleasant as I was expecting, in fact it was actually fairly comfortable in both front and back. The smooth waistband is comfortable and a great compliment to the lace. This probably is not a thong I would wear all day since I prefer more fabric, but it could be fun for a night out or for some fun in the bedroom.

Overall, I'm glad I gave lace a try. It's a material that most guys either really love or really hate, but I find myself being one of the rare guys in-between. I don't think that I will be rushing out to buy any other undies with lace pouches (they just aren't functional for me), but while researching this article, I did find a number of undies with full fabric pouches with lace embellishments...those might be more comfortable for my package. As the guys I interviewed all mentioned, lace is one of those things that every guy should try once in his life, and I completely agree. How do you know you won't like it unless you try it? Happy Shopping!

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