N2N takes me down memory lane

I recently viewed the N2N 20th Anniversary video and it sparked a trip down memory lane for me. Twenty years ago, I was a confused high school boy who knew he loved underwear, but felt it was best to keep that hidden. It was a time when home computers and the internet were new and exciting, and I remember the first time I saw guys in their underwear appear on my computer screen. My mind was blown! I found myself especially drawn to skimpier undies that helped show off the bodies of the beautiful male models.

I don't quite recall the first moment I saw photos online of N2N undies, but I assume it was in college, and I certainly remember the feelings. The feeling of OMG those are so sexy! The feeling of OMG I'd better look around and make sure that nobody sees me looking at these underwear pics (even in the privacy of my dorm room with an absent roommate). There were other feelings as well, but I'll leave it at that in an attempt to keep this post fairly clean.

One of the things I most love about N2N is that it's a brand that is all about making men feel sexy and confident. As Owner Andrew Makay said in the N2N 20th Anniversary Video, "If you think you look good, guess what? There's going to be people out there that think you look good as well." I think that is such an important thing for men to remember when selecting underwear and swimwear. You have to select items that make you feel sexy.

Over the years, I have added numerous N2N underwear and swimwear to my collection. In fact, some of my favorite swim bikinis I own are from N2N, including the "infamous" gold bikini from my most recent post. Wearing N2N swimwear makes me feel sexy and confident and unashamed of showing off just a bit. The designs range from what I call classic with and edge, all the way to very daring.

N2N also holds the distinction of being one of the few brands whose cotton thongs I love wearing. I tend to be more of a lycra fan when it comes to thongs, but N2N's slinky and soft fabric truly does live up to the meaning of the brand name...it makes you feel like you are wearing next to nothing. I love that whenever I slip on any N2N undies, the fabric feels light, smooth, and natural against my skin. The slinky fabric also allows ample room to hold your equipment so I never feel as if I have to squeeze everything in.

So let's cheers to N2N for twenty years of underwear magic and to many more years to come! The fabric is amazing, the designs are always sexy, and the brand dares men to be comfortable with themselves. It doesn't get any better than that. So enjoy a few photos from my N2N collection that has grown over the years and will continue to grow in the future. You can see for yourself just how sexy this brand is and the good news is that they continue to churn out new creations all the time. Always something new, exciting, and sexy to look forward to in the future. Happy Shopping!

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