Patterns Galore from Papimalo Gear

In my last post, I walked you through the steps to customize undies from Muscleskins. Today I'm going to keep the custom underwear trend going and tell you all about Papimalo Gear. As with most custom brands, I came to discover Papimalo via social media while looking for a pink mesh thong (because doesn't everyone need to own a pink mesh thong?).

What I most love about Papimalo Gear are the fabric options. I love my Joe Snyder and Muscleskins thongs and bikinis, but lets face it, their pattern options are limited. That's where Papimalo Gear really shines. My latest purchase was a hot pink zebra print thong. This thong is sooo amazing. The lycra fabric is soft and comfortable. The pouch design is daring and supportive, and the thong is well made. What more could I ask for?

These thongs are really great for a guy who likes to show off a bit. The bulging pouch design is far from modest, but also not obscene. It cups your equipment softly and holds it well all day. I love the 1/2" side straps...skimpy, yet they help hold everything together. It is a quality, well made thong at a reasonable price.

While you can certainly order solid colors, Papimalo Gear offers a variety of patterns, so I say branch out from the solids and order a fun print. Scroll through the Papimalo Gear facebook page to get a better idea of the fabric/color options. New options are regularly added so there's always something new and fresh for you to order.

Ordering is quick and easy through email or facebook. You can also reach out ahead of time with any questions. Keep in mind that this isn't some large company from which you are purchasing. You are getting custom made underwear and supporting a local business owner. So that means the time you'll wait for your order will depend on the volume of orders at any given time. I've never experienced any issues with ordering, payment, or shipment, so shop with ease. As for me, I'm off to figure out what patterns I want to order next, and perhaps it's time for me to try a Papimalo bikini? Happy Shopping!

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