Ask Andy: Muscleskins

An Instagram reader recently asked me about one of my favorite brands, Muscleskins.

"I was looking at muscleskins...what do you typically order when doing your customizations?"

Ahhh yes, if you've been looking for a world where you can customize your underwear, then look no further than Muscleskins. One of the great things with Muscleskins are all of the select the style, pouch, strap width, seat, and fabric. With so many options, it can be a bit overwhelming, especially if you're a first timer. That's why I am here to walk you through the process.

The first step is selecting your pouch. There are four options, three of which I have tried. The poser is my personal favorite because it stands out just the right amount for me. The classic is also a nice style for everyday wear. The torpedo is fun to wear, but it's not for the timid as it will really stand out (torpedo is an accurate name). In addition to selecting the pouch style, you select the pouch width and depth. This is where it begins to become a bit overwhelming. As the website states, if you are ordering for the first time, you will want to order just one to get a good feel for what works and doesn't for you. I've always gone with the standard width pouch because I find narrow pouches don't hold me all in, and I'm not a fan of wide pouches. I've added additional centimeters in depth, but found that I really did not need the extra fabric as there is room to stretch. Keep in mind though that these are a very tight, but comfortable, fit. They are like a second skin.

After selecting your pouch, you'll need to decide how wide you want your side straps. The smallest is 3/8" and it can go all the way up to 2". For my thongs, I've always gone with the 1/2" strap which I find to be nice and skimpy. My Muscleskins bikini has a 3/4" side strap which was a nice look for the beach.

Speaking of the bikini, that's the next step in the fun process of customization...selecting your seat option. This is where you will see the difference in pricing, with thongs being the cheapest and the full back being the most expensive (although the price difference between the two is only two dollars). For my thongs, I have done both the traditional thong back and the sport. Both are a great look and still overall skimpy. For the bikini I went with the full back...which just barely covered my big booty. There are seven seat back options so you will certainly be able to find something to suit your style. These are low-rise, so keep that in mind as you select both your seat and pouch designs.

If you aren't overloaded with options yet, hold it's time to select the color. Muscleskins offers 37 fabric options...yes 37! Imagine all of the options as you being to mix colors, seats, pouches, and side strap options. Hundreds of possibilities! Make sure you click on each color option on the website as most will have an image of a model wearing that color, which I feel helps me decide far more than just the photo of the fabric.

There are additional options to customize the seat and pouch height adjustments. Just check the sizing page for more details about those. I have never felt the need for that additional customization, but it is nice to have options...even more possibilities so that you can get yours exactly as you like. Basically, if you have a special customization you need or like, Muscleskins can likely accommodate.

So back to the original question that started this customizations. I have found that my favorite is the 1/2" poser pouch with thong back. I love the nice, tight, skimpy fit. For first timers, I recommend beginning with a style with which you are familiar. If you have other thongs with standard pouches, then go with the Muscleskins Classic. If you like more of a bulge pouch, try the Muscleskins Poser.

If you have not yet tried Muscleskins, I highly recommend you give them a try. Just one and I was hooked! Explore the endless possibilities and get a sexy, skimpy, tight fit! Happy Shopping!

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