Your Body, Your Undies

I had been planning a post about body positivity but wasn't sure which direction to take. Then, inspiration hit me in the form of an insult... "You're hot, but those underwear are fucking gross."

"Why can't you just wear regular underwear for guys?" Those are two statements a guy decided to throw my way one night on social media. As easy as it was for me to move on from the insult/conversation, I remember a time when I wasn't so confident in what I wore and how I looked in what I wore. In fact, when I was in my twenties, I actually threw out some really great underwear (some not made anymore), simply because of comments from guys. The comments certainly aren't limited to what style of undies a guy wears. Plenty of negative comments get blasted on social media to guys based on how they look in their undies. So this week's post is dedicated to all of the wonderful guys out there who embrace who they are and what they like, and rock some really awesome undies in bodies of all shapes, sizes, and colors.

Somewhere along the line, a lot of guys get some pretty fucked up ideas about underwear. I think a lot of it has to do with middle school/high school locker rooms...everyone is just trying to fit in, so everyone falls in line and wears pretty much the same thing. what is popular has varied over time, but usually falls on the conservative side of things (boxers or boxer briefs). Anything that deviates from that is determined to be "weird" or worse. The item that covers the most personal parts of your body, should be the one area where you should wear what makes you feel the best. Even when guys do decide to branch out a bit, they can be confronted with some other issues.

Some guys feel they cannot wear certain undies because they will not look good on their body. I disagree. I completely understand why some guys feel that way...I mean look at any underwear site and you will see smooth, toned, muscular guys with 6 pack abs and big crotches and butts that fill out the underwear perfectly. Sure, the undies look good on them, but they also look good on the guy with the belly, or the guy with a smaller ass, or any other guy. The fact is, if underwear makes you feel good, you should wear it. Fuck what anyone else thinks because underwear should be a reflection of YOU. If you think it's sexy, then rock it! More than anything, looking good in your undies comes down more to your confidence rather than the opinion of someone else.

Beyond the fear of undies not looking good on their body, some guys are fearful to branch out because of what someone else might think. It's amazing the number of guys I have talked to on social media who are nervous to try something they think is sexy, simply because they fear the reaction of their partner. If your underwear choices truly make someone uncomfortable, then that's a reflection of them, not you (and they should probably deal with those deep issues of why they are so uncomfortable). I love when I hear from readers who decide to branch out and try a new style or brand and they fell in love with it. The joy and excitement they share with me is contagious and it is a big reason why I do what I do.

In closing, rather than focusing on the ONE hater of my underwear, I want to salute some of YOU. Readers who have shared your pics in underwear that makes you feel sexy and confident. All of you are sexy and your choices in underwear are flawless. I salute you and I hope that everyone reading takes a moment to appreciate these sexy men as well.









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