A Bikini For ANY Man

One of the reasons I began blogging was to inspire guys to step out of their underwear comfort zone. Many of you have been inspired to try a lot of new styles and fabrics, and for that, I'm grateful. For some of you though, my choices are ones that you may find sexy, but don't feel that you can pull off the same look. They are a bit too far out of your comfort zone. So today I'm featuring a look that I think ANY guy can easily rock!

Let's talk about the Joe Snyder Classic Bikini. I think all men should have a classic bikini or two in their underwear drawer. They are a versatile style that are perfect for everyday wear, a night on the town, or a date night. They have a classic style with just the right amount of sex appeal for all men.

What I love most about the Joe Snyder Classic Bikini are all of the color options. More than a dozen options! From basic black, to yellow, to pink. There should be a color to compliment any man. If you're looking for something more than just a solid color, there are also options such as rainbow print, camouflage, or lace. You can also check out Joe Snyder Print Bikini for other options such as snake or candy print. With so many options, you'll likely want to pick up several of these.

Beyond all of the color and print options, I love the versatility of this bikini. The fabric is smooth and sexy and can be used either as underwear or swimwear. The candy print bikini actually became one of my favorite looks for the beach during a recent vacation. I noticed another guy on the beach in the purple Joe Snyder bikini so I of course ordered one of those as well for future beach vacations.

The fit on these are somewhat snug, which works well for me. I find that everything JUST fits in. There's a decent amount of stretch in the front, and just the right level of coverage in the back. They just barely cover my booty. If you are new to Joe Snyder, you might find that going up a size is more comfortable to you. I highly recommend checking out the size chart. If you are near the high end of a size range, you will likely want to go up to the next size to ensure a comfortable fit.

If you have been sitting back and reading my blog for months, but haven't made the leap to try any of the undies I have recommended, then I highly encourage you to give the Joe Snyder Classic Bikini a try. With all of the options, there is the right color and fit for guys of every shape and size. These should make any man feel sexy in any situation. So branch out and give the bikini a try. I hope it makes you feel as sexy and confident as it does for me. Happy Shopping!

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