Travelogue: Puerto Vallarta

My favorite way to escape the Winter Blues is to literally a sunny and warm location. A few weeks ago I had my annual winter escape, this year to Puerto Vallarta. Warm, sunny days lead to an abundance of beach time which meant A LOT of swimwear. I thought I'd take time to share some of my favorite looks from the beach and pool. Summer is right around the corner, so maybe some of these designs will help you plan your summer sun looks.

I started things off at the pool in my custom M Wear lemon print bikini. I ordered this in early fall and fell in love with it, so I was excited to finally be able to wear it somewhere other than my house. The fit was perfect and the print was the perfect way set of off my vacation which featured quite a few unique designs.

Another swimsuit I had been dying to wear in the sun was the Skinzwear Stuffit Pouch Thong. They say that every woman should have a little black dress in her collection, well I feel every man should have a little black thong in his collection. This Skinzwear thong is the perfect thong to sun your buns. The low fitting pouch is sexy and stylish and the thong has the right amount of stretch. I've received a number of questions about the reaction of people who got a glimpse of me sunning by the pool in this thong. I honestly didn't receive any comments or dirty looks that I'm aware of. I also realized it was the first time I had ever worn a thong in a mixed crowd of men and women, gay and straight, old and young. I find that vacation settings are the perfect place to get away with skimpier gear as most people are relaxed and focused on having a good time.

For the beach, my Joe Sndyer Candy Print Bikini was perfect for relaxing in the sun. The fun print with its pop of colors was the perfect suit to turn a few heads while strolling on the beach. The fabric is light and comfortable and quick to dry. Since these double as underwear and swimwear, they are unlined so keep that in mind when selecting a color if you plan on wearing it in the water.

My favorite beach bikini turned out to be from Tritonsman. I came upon these guys on Instagram and fell in love with their designs. The bikini has a generously stretching pouch connected to a full back with some of the skimpiest side straps I've seen in a swim bikini. It's got a nice, sexy feel with more coverage than a thong. These definitely will draw attention to you on the beach or by the pool. I was a bit nervous when my ordered arrived and I saw they were a size small (I'm normally Medium), but I had provided my waist size and trusted their expertise and I'm happy to report that the bikini was a perfect fit. I'm such a fan of these bikinis that I now own three!

While I arrived in Puerto Vallarta well supplied with swimwear and underwear, I couldn't pass up the opportunity to browse through the numerous stores near the beach. I find there's usually a mix of well known designers and brands I'm not familiar with (or no name). While the exchange rate in Mexico works in your favor, I have found that most of the designer brands are no cheaper than ordering at home. So focus your time and money on the local designs. While swim briefs and trunks make up the majority of inventory in these stores, I did find an increased number of swim thongs compared to previous visits...the trend is catching on! This tropical floral print Dinius brand thong caught my eye and I knew I had to add it to my collection. I purchased this on the day prior to leaving Mexico so it will have to wait a while before it has it's time in the sun.

Vacation was a great way to recharge and refocus my energy on things I love...gear in particular. I hope some of these looks will inspire you to think ahead to summer and start purchasing some fun gear for the sun. Happy Shopping!

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