Add Some Sparkle With MarcoMarco

Those who follow my Instagram account have come to learn a number of things about my underwear preferences. Among those include my love of the jock thong, love of pink, and love of all things shiny. While recently checking out the Marco Marco website, I stumbled upon the Pink Sequin Jock Thong. If I ever had to describe myself in four words, pink sequin jock thong would be the four I would select. It's as if this underwear were custom made for me.

Let's start with the most eye catching part of this jock thong, the pouch. Exactly as described, the pouch is covered with pink sequins. If you like a little sparkle in your life, then you NEED to own this jock thong. The reverse side of the pouch has a thick feeling fabric to ensure comfort for your package. No worrying about sacrificing comfort for style here, the pouch lining will hold everything comfortably for as long as you wear the jock...this would be the perfect thing to wear for a night out on the town, especially if you have an underwear party at a local bar.

Just as comfortable is the back. I love jock thongs. They are the perfect hybrid for framing your ass. The jock straps perfectly lift your cheeks up, while the thong portion creates nice definition between your cheeks. The end result is the perfect underwear to lift up and push out your ass to make sure it looks its best (with or without anything on over it).

I can't rave enough about the MarcoMarco Pink Sequin Jock Thong. It's the perfect underwear to add a little sparkle and glam to your underwear drawer. It's a fun, bold underwear statement while still maintaining a subtle style. Click over to their website and order some for you today. Happy Shopping!

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