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I write A LOT about underwear. But when I set out to start this website, I wanted to branch out beyond just underwear and into other types of gear, such as harnesses. Through Instagram, I've come across a number of companies and individual designers offering up their skills to make some amazing harnesses. One designer in particular, Ray the Robot, caught my eye with his Raystraints harnesses.

The biggest thing I love is that each harness is custom made, so let your imagination run wild. I loved collaborating with Ray to come up with a design that was exactly what I wanted. Sure you could buy a harness "off-the-rack" (which I've done, so I'm not knocking that), OR you can get something custom made exactly to your specs and style. The other great thing is that pricing is very comparable if not cheaper than many off-the-rack harnesses. I also LOVE that Ray celebrates all bodies...some guys think they have to look a certain way in order to wear a harness, and that's just not true. All guys should look and feel sexy and Ray can help make your dreams come to life. Yay for body positivity!

The purchase process will begin with some correspondence with Ray...reach him via either of his Instagram accounts (Ray the Robot or Raystraints). You'll collaborate on a design, color, etc. Payment is quick and easy via Cash app. Ray will also provide you with a list of measurements he needs to bring your dream harness to life. The measurements are thorough, and depending on the design, you may find it helpful to have a friend help with measurements. Once that's all done, sit back and relax and wait for your custom harness to be made and shipped. I think the entire process for mine took around one week. Wait times will vary depending on demand.

So let's get to the harness itself. IT FEELS AMAZING! My harness arrived after a long day at work so it was the perfect end to less-than-perfect day. Slipping on the harness for the first time was a heavenly feeling that channeled my inner gogo dancer. For me, the feeling of the tight yet comfortable straps around my chest and legs was similar to the comfortable feeling most have when they put on their favorite t-shirt or comfortable sweat pants. With the design I selected, I'm able to wear any underwear that I want with the harness. It's the perfect way to mix things up and keep it fresh.

At first, I thought I'd just get some use out of this at home, in the bedroom. And you know what? I can't think of a better place to wear it and get A LOT of good use out of it. But it also turned out to be the PERFECT thing to wear during a party at a bar while on vacation in Puerto Vallarta. All black clothing was highly encouraged for the party, so this harness worked out great and was a huge success! Within my first 15 minutes at the bar, I had people asking me all sorts of questions about the harness. It's a great conversation breaker and way to make some new connections.

I can't say enough great things about working with Ray the Robot at Raystraints. My harness ended up blowing my expectations out of the water and I'm already planning my next design. If you have an idea for a harness, get in touch with Ray and explore what could be created. This up-and-coming designer has a bright future ahead so be on the cutting edge and get your order placed today! Happy Shopping!

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