It's the Most Wonderful Time of the Year!

It's the most wonderful time of the time at Fort Troff. Fort Troff is one of the top sex toy and gear stores for gay men. While they don't have sales all the time, when they do, the sales are awesome!

For trunk lovers, save 50% on the Shrapnel Sport Trunk. While I'm not a huge fan of trunks, I have the jock version of this and can attest to how comfortable this fabric is. If you love trunks, you should definitely own these!

If you love a good jock (like I do), you need to own multiple jocks from Fort Troff. Right now the three pack of FT Glow Sport Jocks are on sale. If you like to have fun in the dark, these will be right up your alley as they glow in the sure to check them out under blacklight...super sexy! I've got multiple Fort Troff jocks and can vouch for their comfort, so splurge on the three'll be glad you did.

Staying in the glow family. Be sure to check out the FT Glow Brief. This is a tight cut, designed to accentuate the male body. You need to add this sexy cut brief to your collection! A free cock ring is included with purchase to help accentuate you even more!

While you're checking out the sale gear, be sure to check out all the sale toys as well. There's something for everyone, regardless of how kinky or vanilla you are in the bedroom. Now is the time to spice things up and save! Happy Shopping!


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